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  1. Hi, im after one of these if one is available : http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?94236-New-Old-Stock-VR6-Engine-Bay-Loom Thanks
  2. SORTED BY LILFUZZER!!!!!!!!!!! Hi When I put bucket seats in my car I removed the rear bench and seat belts, I have now refitted my standard interior and can't find the bloody rear belts ha I still have the bolts but I need the belts themselves and also the bit they clip into. If someone has a full set of belts including the front ones and want to sell as a whole I don't mind paying for a full set. Cheers
  3. I would still rather not post, but I could probably have my brother do me a favour and take them to his work for courier collection. I would be after the full asking price plus postage and a few days to get it sorted due to my job being away from my house all week. Whereabouts are you? Just in case its somewhere I go.
  4. Hello, do you still have the exhaust for sale? Regards. Stu 07859238100

  5. Still here. No de-cat anymore, £80 for the rest collection only.
  6. As title, there are 5 wheels in total and 4 centre caps. All of them in primer, would need another session of sand paper to be finished but I have had them for 2yrs and still not got round to it. They don't fit my cars so I might as well sell them. If your just wanting to paint them black you could do that straight away tbh and they would look fine. Out of the 4 centre caps only 2 of them have all the clips, could just go on ebay and get generic VW centres? Im after £150. Collection from Stroud, Gloucestershire. Thanks
  7. £80 for mid section and backbox if the decat is not wanted.
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