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  1. tomi

    vr6 pistons

    Hi all I am looking for vr6 pistons out of corrado lmk what You have tx
  2. looking for a set of turns for late style bumper prefebly new
  3. tomi

    stock vr6 cams

    WTB stock vr6 corrado cams pm me if You have some tx
  4. as in title looking for corrado vr6 throtle body lmk if You have one tx
  5. Tx By any chance ,what group? as finding something of FB is bollocks
  6. Looking for a leather passanger seat out of early car
  7. just the tips in my early cluster
  8. I am after a set of late style needles out of corrado instrument cluster, can somebody who have one in spares in not working condition help? tx
  9. EDIT sorry guys, the one I have for trade is not for 4 pin maf and coil pack, it is for 6 pin maf and coil pack, My mistake
  10. VR6 2,9 ECU part number 021906258AG with chip from SEALTH for SCHRICK MANIFOLD, 268 schrick cams, pictures says all. I am after standard 2,9 ABV ECU for distributor, for 91-92 corrados. If You have one please let me know, if YOU want to trade. I dont realy want to sale , i prefer to trade for one that I am after I have it from corrado that I bought for parts couple of Years back, reg no M92 XBW You can find picture and small description of its previous owner here :) https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=23&t=1481617&i=20 SCHRICK CAMS, SCHRICK MANIFOLD AND THROTLE BODY are already installed in my car, As far as I remember that ecu is for 94 ABV with 4pin maf sensor EDIT: I was wrong, and it is not for 4 pin maf and coil pack, it is for 6 pin maf and coil pack You can find more pictures on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1513192322228044/permalink/2188896134657656/?sale_post_id=2188896134657656
  11. sorry I have only one mani, and I am going to keep it :) How do You order? Just PM me I want one, I will give You my pay pal, You pay, You give me your address, and You waiting couple of days, ...... Than You enjoy Your VSR WITH original look label with part no
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