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  1. oh right thought I was missing something. :bonk:
  2. Ok ive brushed up my knowledge of ham and understand that ham is eaten abroad. What i dont understand is what sorrano has got to do with the blooming badge?
  3. So there is no difference am i right other than it being red or silver if they both have the coilpack???
  4. Is that a true statement red is 7.8 bhp faster or is that just yours lol. Whats sorrano got to do with a badge colour? Im so confused haha.
  5. Just been informed that there were coilpacks starting in 1993 (red badge) and continued onwards into the silver badge. Before the coilpacks it was dizzy's. sorry for the missunderstanding. So is there any difference other than the badge colour between the silver and red vr6's that have the coilpacks. Just interested in the facts thats all. Oh yeah what is the ham option and what is serrano
  6. Hi all, just wondered what are the advantages of both the silver badged coilpack vr6 and the earlier dizzy cap red badged vr6. Which one is better and other than the stated what other differences are there (e.g reliability, starting problems, speed, interior/exterior) or anything else they have different. Which one is the best?
  7. oh right, so do ALL red badged vr6 corrados have a distributor rather than a coil? Could this potentially be the reason why so many have starting problems? Can a coil be fitted to an early vr6? Does it effect performance at all? sorry again for all the questions. kev
  8. kevinwilson

    Red badges

    hi guys just a quicky, i´m a newbie so excuse my silly question. Why are some vr6 badges red and others silver. thanks kev
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