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  1. Well i was going to get one from er jakegti lush black vr but duno now man want a black one and she was what i wanted :(

  2. hi mate hows it goin , when you goin to get that vr then?.

  3. Hello mate its gary :)

  4. Hello mate do u know if jake has sold his vr6 ??
  5. Gutted can u let him know im interested i love his car and would have loved it for myself :( ive emailed him loads about car
  6. Hello ive spotted the corrado vr6 i want to buy but cant get in touch with the seller does anyone know him well its jakegti :scratch:
  7. I have beed doing wing chun kung fu for 5years i go gym 7days a week and fix and restore gravestones :) i love corrado's always wanted to get a vr6 so that is my aim :) i love the outdoors old castles and wildlife :)

  8. Dragon1


    Hello mate i like the black vr6 which is 4grand just dont know if its still for sale member is jakegti hope its still for sale love it :dance:
  9. Dragon1


    Awesome thanks mate i miss drivin a corrado plus a vr i heard so much about and if i had one id take the stereo out and hear her purr :) cheers mate
  10. Dragon1


    [ATTACH=CONFIG]47409[/ATTACH] This is what car i have now but my heart is with corrados and i really want a black vr6 i used to have a 2ltr black corrado but now as i am seperated im gona get what i want a vr o yes :) Hello to all im glad to be back on this forum i couldnt access my old one my name was dragon666 :)
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