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  1. Yes, sorry I forgot to mention, indeed its a 2012/12 plate having been registered August that year, only a few weeks from a '62 reg. The private plate can be included if the new owner wants to hide its age, not that its all that old... Thanks again
  2. Photo of car with its private plate on, to be removed prior to selling. Just noticed my profile says Aberdeen, this is in fact not updated, as I am now near Inverness, still possibly quite far for interested parties to come, but I may be able to deliver. Either way it would be worth the journey. [ATTACH=CONFIG]89843[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]89846[/ATTACH]
  3. Audi A3 Sportback 1.6 TDI Sport Low mileage - only 60k 12 months MoT Very good condition inside, outside & mechanically Phantom black pearl Climate control Original 17" alloy wheels CD/MP3 Player with aux Park distance control Daytime running lights Leather steering wheel Recent work New discs and pads on the front 2x new front tyres Audi emissions service less than 1000 miles ago Well maintained over the years The two original keys are present along with all the owners manuals, handbooks etc. About the car: The 1.6 Tdi engine easily achieves 60-65mpg combined and only costs £20 to tax for a year. The car wants for nothing and everyone who see's the car, comments on how smart she looks. I need £7,500 but willing to take an offer; I really do not want to sell, but will be heading overseas for at least 6 months at the end of the year, so it doesn't make sense to have it sitting. Please feel free to come and have a test drive & good look around. I am sure I have missed loads but will add as and when I remember! Many thanks for looking
  4. Hi, v interested in the Golf Estate you have for sale - have sent a PM

  5. I'm still on my first car, a VW Vento which I originally bought when I was 17 @ 36k to keep for a few months and build up my NCB. I wasn't interested in either following the crowd or being raped by the insurance companies. It cost me £550 and my motoring journey had begun. Fast forward 3 years later and I still have it. I've had my eye out for a Corrado since joining this forum but nothing suitable has come up and it might not be until I am 21 that I can insure one. Pic below: http://flic.kr/p/dGoBMK I have since been offered a diesel Passat (2001). It belongs to a relative who has asked me to sell it as he is giving up driving, he told me to keep any money over £1000, yet am tempted to offer him this figure + bottle of whiskey and have the car for myself. This would avoid me putting on miles for the Vento and keep it in excellent condition. Also, the 2.0 petrol Vento does around 35mpg vs the TDI's 45+mpg. The Vento is overdue a cambelt change (Due to age, not mileage) and I guess will need work for its next MOT in 8 months time (Corrosion issues), while the Passat requires no expenditure any time soon, its been very well looked after (has also covered low miles for a TDI ~ 65K) Thing is, I don't really want to sell the Vento, its in perfect working order and have been sure to keep it in excellent condition. I bought it from an old guy who had it since new, still remember going round to his house and buying it with my father in 2009 and following eachother back in convoy (felt as though we were on Top Gear!). I've done around 15k in it over the years, been around most of Scotland, taken the car abroad, its been a commuting car, I've volunteered as the driver on family holidays, its ferried drunken mates around, we've taken it to festivals, camping, days out, ..everything, and its never put a foot wrong. When I bought it was just an older car, but now its beginning to look more 'retro and becoming rarer by the day. Mileage is currently sitting at 50k making it still a low mileage example. I couldn't bring myself to ruin it, so the car so remains in original condition. It has to be one of the best ones out there. So should I sell the Vento + Buy the Passat? I could probably get back what I paid for the Vento. Should I run the Vento to the ground? (Factor in £200/300 for next MOT + Same kind of money for the cambelt). Keep both cars - would have to store the Vento (Not sure if its good to keep a car in storage and the expense of 're-commissioning'..) Sorry for the long thread! Happy new year!
  6. Thanks for all the help. I was hoping to get 2 months worth by handing it in today, however that doesn't look likely so there is not so much of a rush now.
  7. Thanks, is that from tomorrow or when the v14 arrives at DVLA
  8. If I handed in my tax disc tomorrow (31.7.12) how much would I get back? Would I get 2 months worth (Tax expires 30.9.12). 6 month rate (currently on car) is worth £121.00
  9. Thanks for all the input! I think what I'll do is keep on saving & buy a decent example VR6 or similar next year. Cheers
  10. Thanks for all the comments. My budget would be 1k, next year I'll have most disposable income for a VR6 so a higher budget. I would have also thought parts, maintaining, insurance etc to be lower for the 1.8. What price should I pay for this 1.8, 165k, 'G' reg example as described originally?
  11. I need a car with decent MPG at the moment, a VR6 would cost a lot more to run on fuel I thought.
  12. Thanks. The reason is I'd maybe move onto a more powerful model next year. So overpriced you recon?
  13. Looking to buy my first Corrado and need a little advice. Mods feel free to move thread if its in the wrong section.. Its a 1990 1.8 with 165,000 miles! 5 owners. Aprox. 9 months MOT remaining The car comes with a service history including a recent cambelt and MOT. The advisories on its last MOT were the suspension brushes - are these expensive to fix? Ideally I would like to run the car for a year or so and sell on for the same kind of price. The seller will not take under £750 which seems a little too high considering the mileage. Cheers
  14. Thanks! Ah well never mind.
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