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  1. Hi, Just taken some, here they are... [ATTACH=CONFIG]84872[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]84873[/ATTACH]
  2. As title, it's a genuine Thule Corrado roof rack. 2x Bars and x4 mounting brackets. I purchased it from this forum a few years back, and never used it. It's in good condition, and I'm looking for £100. Thanks, Paul
  3. Nice one, certainly doesn't hurt to have a look.
  4. Can't say I noticed the fans kicking more heat, but then again I was running some heat through the matrix while in traffic in an attempt to cool it down. The fans were working full tilt when I popped the bonnet after the brake failure. Never seen or played with any engine bay sensors before to know much more unfortunately, appreciate the help though, all things for a check list!
  5. Having a think on this a bit more, my car had a new right front wheel hub for christmas MOT, could it be possible this has been fitted incorrectly and causing too much brake-rub and overheating that way? Ray I don't know what to say about oil temp, mine normally idles at around 94-96 when cruising at say 60 on a warmish day, could I have more problems here too?
  6. Haha, thought as much! Tah for confirming my fears, don't fear it won't be driven until that's sorted!
  7. Hi all, Wanted to ask for some knowledge on brakes. The other week I was stuck on the M6 for ages, it was a brutal day for traffic jams and 24 degree + heat. I could see oil temp at 125-128 which **** me up a bit at the time seeing no movement in the traffic, so went through Wolverhampton, traffic still terrible, and not getting above 30 mph for some flowing air, it's still not cooling much. In the stop start traffic suddenly I had no brakes, the pedal just pushed flat to the floor, I'm thinking this is overheating of the brakes no doubt, but I've never known it in such low speed applications on any other car? Could this just be crap brake fluid that's boiled over or something a little more concerning?
  8. Unfortunately not Baron, am at BugJam that weekend I think
  9. Bought these wheels from the forum a while a go now, never got around to using them in the winter (mainly due to losing my locking wheel nut remover) Looking to clear these due to parents complaining about garage space. A set of 4 VR6 BBS Solitudes for sale fitted with 205-45-15 toyo proxys 2 tyres have 6-6.5mm tread, the other 2 tyres have 3-3.5mm tread [ATTACH=CONFIG]74911[/ATTACH]
  10. Have only just learned of this thread. Bought a very good condition gear stick and surround from 'clumpy1', very happy camper, no fuss, decent packaging and arrived next day! On a different note, 'dochy' definitely deserves some public props from me, for sending me out an 'S' to go on my G60 'upercharged' badge for free in the post the next day - Top bloke!!!
  11. £30 posted for the gearstick surround/gaitor/gearknob ?
  12. As much as I don't like to think of you starving dochy, you've helped me out hugely! No longer 'upercharged'! Thanks ever so much, really appreciated!!! :dance:
  13. Thanks chaps! Dochy that would great if I could just have the 's'. Happy to paypal you postage if you pm me your details... Paul
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