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  1. Its some car for the money. But heading to OZ and need it gone.
  2. Selling on behalf of my wife. Car located in Ayr 35 miles south of Glasgow. PRICE 4300.00 Price drop from 5200 - 4300 if collected this weekend. Deposit secures. will refund deposit if not as described. 2 Lady owner car from new. Both Audi/VW enthusiasts. FSH with recent Haldex and DSG oil & Filter changes. All additional service receipts included. No expense spared. Front and Rear Discs & Pads less than 10000 miles ago. Car always washed by hand using lambs wool mitts and paint sealed using good quality detailing products. Winter over mats. Audi Concert Stereo. New Bosch Wipers all around. MOT with no advisories just carried out a few weeks ago. 58,321 Miles but will go up slightly as still in use. A few minor marks on both inside and out as to be expected for age of car. But as you can see is in excellent condition for its age. R32 performance without the price tag. Great base car to go nuts with as well if you so wish. NOTE: Car must be paid for and collected no later than the 22nd May. Available for viewings almost anytime. Genuine reason for sale.
  3. I was 112 through Adrian Flux underwritten by Trinity lane classic. With agreed value and 5k limit. No issues with Adrian Flux over the last 3 years.
  4. last chance on these before I change my mind on them.
  5. 40mm will be too much buddy. Nip to halfords and buy a cheap set of spacers like the ones below. 3mm x 2 and also some 9.5mm ones so you can try 3 - 25mm setups to get the stance of the wheel perfect. Also a good way to try them on before ordering proper hub centric spacers. Remember and give yourself 3-5mm of arch clearance for tyre and wheel flex or it will rub when put under too much load round corners or over bumps. I always load up whatever corner with a passenger or 2 and take 4-5psi out the tires to make sure you don't rub hard and ruin tires/wheels and arches. http://www.halfords.com/motoring/car-accessories/wheel-trims-alloys/ripspeed-spacer-kit-3mm-4-or-5-stud?cm_mmc=Google+PLA-_-Car+Accessories-_-Wheel+Trims+&+Alloys-_-293279&_$ja=tsid:60494%7Ccgn:GoogleShopping%7Ckw:293279&istCompanyId=b8708c57-7a02-4cf6-b2c0-dc36b54a327e&istItemId=awrxitll&istBid=tzar&_$ja=tsid:35522%7Ccid:344535124%7Cagid:24345234124%7Ctid:pla-230445360004%7Ccrid:97647066964%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:17843723185843807691%7Cdvc:c%7Cadp:1o3&gclid=CKuho6GNvswCFZEy0wodTsYPSg
  6. provisionally sold pending payment and pickup.
  7. Sent a PM Patski66. Will be available for a call after 6 tonight. Cheers Kev.
  8. Anyone interested in these. Have a potential buyer for the springs if somebody is looking to upgrade there shocks only.
  9. Can't believe nobody has stepped up and bought these. They are ending on ebay tonight. If anyone is interested.
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