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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I would like to have 2 exactly the same chargers so I can change them with no problem. But first I would like to try the modification with one of the chargers to see if its worth it. I cant really pop over to these places becouse I live in Spain. I was hopping to rebuild the g-lader my self with some guidence. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I would like to rebuild my G60 lader. I have one working on my car, and I bought a second hand one from ebay to get it ready and have as spare. The one I bought from ebay, came with a bad displacer, and worn casings. I know I need to get a new displacer, but I have doubts about the casings. Here are some pics: Pictures of the displacer, so you can have an idea of the wear: So my questions are: 1) Can I reuse the casings with an original G60 magnisium displacer? including a good quality rebuild kit. 2) Could I use the casings using a racing aluminium displacer? This displacer is slightly longer and I think it might not settle properly couse of the wear on the surfice, there is a little step. Link of the displacer: http://www.maxrpm.de/G60-Racing-displacer-NEW 3) Should I just buy a new g-lader? Thanks, sorry about my bad english. I am not english.
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