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  1. It's the V8 not the V10, $60k just for the engine swap was a bit steep! :cuckoo: It got almost all the options (Carbon Fibre pack interior, side-pods and engine bay 8)) though. Sound awesome, not as loud as the 6.2V8 Challenger SRT8, but growly and aggressive sounding in a more refined way, I prefer it. Redline is crazy high for a 4.2 V8. 305width tyres on the back, 235 on the front, fair to say it's got some grip but it's so easy to drive it makes even a ham fisted monkey like me look like I know how to drive fast. :lol: Not bad for a daily driver. :D One thing I did notice, the cost of ownership in the UK must be mental it's got a 90L petrol tank and only takes 98RON. Here it costs me about $50 to fill, that gets 300-320miles depending how I drive. From when I was last in the UK at £1.20-ish a litre it's like £110 per fill up over there! :eek:
  2. Sorry to dig up an old thread but I have a new car to add to the list now. :D
  3. 3.6 l 320 bhp 0-60 5.1 sec 0 -100 10.2 , would think your s5 is a lot heavier and turboed .theres alloy sub frames and struts + alloy bonnet , plastic rear engine covers etc on the porsche and its non turbo the gt3 has 100 bhp per litre with 360 bhp from its 3.6 litre non turbo Rob S5 has the 4.2 N/A V8 in it, 354bhp. Similar stats to yours but waaay worse MPG it seems, it's definitely a heavier car mind (1620kg ish) Is C4s 0-100 in 10.2? I read more like 12.summin but it doesn't really matter, still an awesome stat with nigh on 30MPG. :notworthy: Edit: Found a cool comparison site http://tinyurl.com/y9pp996
  4. What motors it got? Sounds like Audi could take a few tips on building fuel efficient engines from Porsche. :roll:
  5. got the car for here http://www.specialistcarsltd.co.uk/ Came with a 12 months bumper to bumper warranty , had one issue so far that was sorted out quickly by Cardiff OPC and coverd by this , the car averaging 27-28 mpg i'll say that again because it don't sink in fist time 27-28 mpg which is unbelievable was expecting low twenty's the corrado 16v only averaged 32-33 mpg , insurance is under £600 and the C was just under £300 excess is higher but thats the only change , had 155 mph on a private stretch of road :) still pulling like a train in 5th i think with enough road it wold do the claimed top speed of 170 + looks like a trip to the autobarn is on the cards :clap: tax is cheaper than my 02 audi A3 so all in all very happy Rob ' ' How the hell do you get 27-28mpg out of the Porker!? My S5 is giving me 17-18mpg if I go easy on it. :eek:
  6. Cheers mate, that just brightened up a schitt day I'm having at work :D So you're missing the Ice Grey? I'll do you a swap for the S5? :D Ummm, no! If you'd had said for the Challenger I might have thought about it. :lol: Drove the S5 to Atlantic City and back yesterday/today, 280 mile round trip and never once was it a chore, what a car. :luvlove:
  7. LOL bet you pull some quality MILF with that though! It's cougar time! :lol: Oh another great thing about the US, no French cars. :grin:
  8. That is a nice list of nice cars mate! Would love to have sampled all of those myself. Have to say though you obviously arent short of a few bob, so why not get yourself a nicely sorted Euro Corrado VR6 and have it imported. I imagine the only thing that would make the Corrado experience any better would be to drive it somewhere nice and sunny! How are you finding the US, quite fancy a move there myself sometime. Where abouts are you? Matt Too much like hard work doing that - I don't have the first idea how to go about importing a car to the US, but I imagine it's a total ball ache. As for sunny, I live in north-east New Jersey pretty close to NYC, it's not so sunny this time of year more like freezing cold and wet. :lol: (soon to be ice/snow - 38degrees today when I was leaving work and winter has only just started :| ) The USA is an awesome place to live I highly recommend it if you get the chance. 8)
  9. I used this page ;) http://www.taxdisc.direct.gov.uk/EvlPor ... =link.next
  10. Looks like my one is still on the road too. :cheers: The enquiry is complete The vehicle details for L71 TPN are: Date of Liability 01 10 2010 Date of First Registration 28 06 1994 Year of Manufacture 1994 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 2861CC CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status Licence Not Due Vehicle Colour PURPLE
  11. I sold my VR6 and bought an Audi TT 225 because it was "too much of a bargain to turn down", regretted doing it from the moment i saw i drive away and soon got bored of the TT and had it remapped to 260ish, it was then a very competent car, effortless to go places at a good pace, but too functional for it's own good - it had no charm it was just flashy (to the layman, to my mates it was always the squashed beetle) and overly easy/safe to drive. Then got too bored of that and replaced it with an E60 M5, now that was quite a monster, loved the HUD and the M-sport active seats, and it was to be fair pretty damn fast, but the paddle shift gearbox was very poor for traffic/parking - the wrong combination of auto+manual - and 11MPG was funny until I worked out it cost me nearly 90quid for 200 miles in petrol alone. http://www.sp30.co.uk/files/img_0047_169.jpg I then got a job in the USA and moved over here, figured I'd like something yank so bought a Challenger SRT8. 6.1L V8 425bhp RWD with the best sounding engine in the world - but it weighs over two tonnes and it handles as about as well as my living room sofa, great for burnouts and straight lines, terrible if you actually enjoy going around corners without ending up sat on the door interior. Still this had the most 'Corrado-like' charm of what Ive owned since the C. http://www.sp30.co.uk/store/IMG_3764.JPG http://www.sp30.co.uk/store/IMG_0026.JPG Was good for messing around in the work car park http://www.sp30.co.uk/store/IMG_0053.JPG And the ladies like it which was a plus http://www.sp30.co.uk/files/img_0055-1_513.jpg Not so hot in the winter though tried to kill me repeatedly so I replace it with this which is what I am driving now http://www.sp30.co.uk/files/img_0578_114.jpg http://www.sp30.co.uk/files/img_0576_712.jpg But still, despite all these, I still had more fun in the VR6 - can't really put my finger on why, I think it was mainly the sound, the VR6 really is one of the best sounding engine ever made, but also it handled in a 'playful' way (ok i did crash it at Outlon but only once). I looked hard for one here in the US, but they're a) really rare and mostly shitters and b) they're all these weird 'SLC' models that have the Golf 2.8 VR6 engine in them, which just wouldnt be the same. One day I'll have another. :(
  12. Spot on! I'd love a BRAND NEW Corrado VR6....pretty much impossible I know, but as close to new as possible and completely stock* would be my dream C. 8) *with perhaps the exception of a nice sounding exhaust, because the VR sounds so good with one.
  13. Was looking through some old pics on my computer and found some of my old ice gray violet VR6, reminded me of what a great a car it was to own. :notworthy: Nothing I've had since has quite had the same charm as the good 'ol C despite them being faster, more modern, more flashy etc. The VR6 definitely has a je ne sais qua over and above it's price/power that no other car I've had has quite managed to replicate. What do other ex-C owners drive now and do you miss your C or am I :cuckoo: ?
  14. Yep sounds like a wheel bearing, get the car up in the air and give the wheels a rock see if there's any play.
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