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  1. dont sell you will regret it. i hadnt used my corrado vr6 for about 6months. it had a wiring problem which lead to starting problems and oil pump refusing to work. so it got put in the garage and forgot about for sometime and i decided to sell it. took it out got it fixed. 2 wires had shorted causes the problems. put it up for sale and took it for its last drive before a potential buyer came to look at it.......... well they are just great and when the guy turned up to look at it he wasnt too happy as i refused to sell it what can i say they are addictive. there is not a car i have driven that makes me as happy at the corrado. it was bought as a weekend car and ended up being used as my daily driver because it was great fun to drive. i worked at the coast and when i finished work i jumped into it and took the long coastal route home every time.
  2. yes my oil pressure light is on. well below the main coolant pipe this is what i then assume is the oil cooler or something along them lines? with a box with 3 wires going into it.
  3. i cracked my main coolant pipe so left it in to get replaced, all was working fine before the work but now the car isnt pumping oil. i noticed to the side of what i assume is the oil pump is a small box with 3 wires going into it and one has been soldered. so i eliminated a few maybes there is plenty of oil in it. (just below full mark) its not getting oil at all at when you take the oil cap off it looks very dry. anyone any ideas?
  4. sorry a little more info. it is a corrado vr6. i use it pretty daily and it always gets up to coolant temperature to around 90-100 within 10minutes but on my drive to work it stayed at 70c and the fans kept blowing cold air, i got out checked the coolant one cold pipe one warm pipe so suspected i needed a new thermostat. then the coolant needle started rising 5minutes later way up to over 110 and coolant light started flashing. (this is on a steady road sitting at aroung 60-70mph) i pulled over left the car for most of the day then went back to pick it up checked coolant still full and tried to take it home and within 10minutes the coolant light was flashing. i have no been losing coolant slowly and still dont seem to be but its boiling. new water pump, coolant cap and thermostat before i go into the big job of head gasket there is no 'mayo' on the oil cap which wouldnt lead me to head gasket. the main fans still come on around 100
  5. the fans in the car stopped blowing cool air then i noticed my temperature gauge strarting rising to boiling point. im not losing any coolant and its not turning the oil milky im guessing head gasket but hoping not
  6. Had a little mishap with a rather large cat that managed to go through my front bumper. Has anyone a dbp front bumper with grill for sale?
  7. i disconnected my car battery for a short time and now my immobiliser has stopped working. the battery in my key fob s new so it is not the problem. normally i press it button it unlocks the car and i can start it but its doing nothing.
  8. Yea I don't know what the name I'd but it's burgundy when it's dark and purple in the light. Just realised what dbp standards for sound about the right colour. Plan is a detail and a good service was fitting new pads and disks and exhaust today.
  9. so after provisionally selling my 1.8 corrado a few weeks ago and not thinking i will own another one for some time a lovely vr6 came up for sale. i had driven a vr6 golf and always said id love a vr6 corrado but living in northern ireland they are like hens teeth so when i got the opportunity i went and had a look at it. not planning to buy it more just wanting a test drive in it to see what they were like. first drive i knew i had to buy it. they are a simply awesome machine and a completely different car to the 1.8. the car is completey standard and has been very well looked after with a mountain of service history for every little thing that has been bought for it. car is getting a professional detail within the next few weeks and maybe get the alloys refurbed as they are looking a bit tatty as they are starting to bubble. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. the spoiler on my vr6 seems to only go up when i go over 70. i know it should go up at 45 and tbh im very rarely over 70 so its bearly ever up
  11. car looks well but they are always a work in progress and never finished. im also 23 and insure my vr6 for under £1000 and that with a few points, a crash and being a guy in northern ireland which is surprisingly cheap. try changing a few things on your quotes, annual mileage (7000), excess, vehicle value (2500), where its kept (on driveway), usage (driving to single place of work) all made my insurance a lot cheaper
  12. it is the brown burgundy colour. not my favour but its growing on me
  13. yea i know the vr is going to be more expensive to run but its a lot better bang for my buck.
  14. well i had a vr6 golf as a courtesy car while i was getting work done on the corrado and after that the 1.8 seemed very slow although still handle great. living in n.ireland corrados in general dont come up very often and a nice vr6 one came up on gumtree (i think it may of been a sign from god) and really i just wanted to have a good look around one and see how well they went (yes i was going to be a timewaster) took a little drive in it had a good look around it and the owner was very honest about any little imperfection it had. I knew i had to take the car as its exactly what i wanted in a corrado although i will have to work on the colour,
  15. sold my 1.8 corrado at the weekend after a very short ownership, as much as i thought it was a great car it was burning a hole in my pocket and got offered a very good price for it. so i thought that was me away from corrado for a while at least. bought a very original vr6 last night that has been very well looked after and has a mountain of service dockets and everything that was ever bought for it. so looks like corrado are a little addictive.
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