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De-swirling VAG paint - Bora TDI detailed with Menzerna

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Today's task was my mate Dave's bora!


Overall the car is kept very nice, but the previous owner's wash regime and 90 miles a day commute have taken a bit of a toll on the paint. The detail didn't start until quite late so it was more of a 'sort the worst bits' than '100% correction' detail.


Before -


Washed with Sonus shampoo with 2 bucket method and lambswool mitt, wheels and arches cleaned with CG degreaser, then wheels hit with meg's hot rims and wheel brush to get some stubborn ish off.

Dryed with last touch and a CG magic dryer waffleweave.


then onto the paint. Some of the swirls:



And there was a fair bit of hologramming on the door and 1/4 panel - looks like the previous owner had a go with a polisher and something harsh!


So - to work. We knew the clear would be rock hard so went with Menzerna Intensive Polish on an SFX-1 pad, using the 'slow cut' technique. Was my first time using Menzerna and slow cut, but it worked well on the swirls and we got good results after two hits on the bonnet:





better photo with LED torch



The menzerna sorted the hologramming too - didn't get a great pic though (wrong area! Although I couldn't find where the hologramming used to be to phot it, so that must be a plus point!)



With the main problems tackled we just had time to sort a glaze and sealent out - so we glazed the car with Clearkote RMG, then sealed with CG FS acrylic sealent. then dressed all trim and tyres with sonus, cleaned glass with AG fast glass. The results:







Not bad for a short day and hard paint!

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