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How to get a great car insurance deal in 2016

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How to get a great car insurance deal in 2016...




It's always good to know if there are special deals to be had. Maybe deals that are not available to Joe Public. The Chris Knott Insurance scheme is one such deal that rewards car enthusiasts with better car insurance rates just for having joined up with this club/forum.


OK, so what's the deal? What makes it different to all the other car insurance providers?


Well, the insurers on our panel believe that you'll be a better risk than the average driver. So they'll allow us to do all we can (within set criteria) to attract you, including offering very competitive rates. Does it work? You bet it does!...


Today, I was looking at the figures for last month and was really pleased to see that our overall quote acceptance rate was 48%. That means we were the best for 48% of the people who called us. That's astonishingly good.


I dug further and found that (again in December) we retained 81% of clients at their renewal so it's not a case that we hook you in with a cheap rate and then hike it later.


Of course, price isn't everything but it's a major factor in choosing the next insurer for your pride and joy. Where we can we'll offer you a quote that's better than anything else you can find out there and that may involve you telling us what your best alternative is. As I said, the insurers on our panel will often be flexible on their price to win you (and keep you).


In addition to great rates we also reward the clubs that we work with. Where they're interested, we pay commission for each policy sold to a member and we pay again at each renewal. This helps to cover the running costs of the club/forum. Last year we paid over £92k in commission to clubs/forums to say thank you for working with us to encourage members to at least try us for a quote.


Will you try us and see how much you can save with the Chris Knott Car Club Insurance scheme? Check out the testimonials below from other happy car club members. Did I mention that we're mod-friendly too?


QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274


We're working hard to save you money and give something back to the club/forum when we do. So please pick up the phone when your renewal falls due and request your special 'club member' quote.





PS. Don't forget that we also offer you multi-buy discounts, loyalty rewards and a 'recommend a friend' scheme. We're offering you and the car enthusiast community more than the average insurance provider will. Please call us on 0800 917 2274 for your no-obligation quotation.







Recent Testimonials - there are alot of them so I don't expect you to read them all but you'll get the idea:


"Well after seemingly endless calls to various companies (many I've used in recent years but some new) to get the V70R back on the road, it looks like I've got a deal!... Modern policies were sky high, as I've just turned 25… and as I'm not going to use it as my every day car, I can't use my 6 years NCB on quotes. Just got off the phone with Kim at Chris Knott, and they're covering me for £445 on a modern policy (so it can earn its own NCB) fully comp. Very helpful, and VOC get a few quid out of the deal as well!" Warninglight, Volvo Owners Club


"Just renewed my 4.2 A8 with you. Good price, good sales rep (Ian)." alanyork, Audi-Sport forum


“Another "quote me happy" customer. Easily the most competitive this year. You were not able to cover me last year, due to only 2 months experience with a RWD car, but thankful I gave you a call this year. Thanks again to Kim who was very professional and took me through everything in the right amount of detail.” James Durbin, Z4 Forum


"Great quote & service from Rebecca @Chris_Knott_Ins - will be back with the other 2 cars for you to quote next month." Jason Adderley, Twitter


“Better Rates. Time for my first renewal since acquiring my 2012 S Class so compared my old insurers quotes with compare the market and found a cheaper price. Then tried Chris Knott who both matched the best quote and offered me an extra £20 off so I have accepted it.” Nicholas15, Mercedes-Benz Owners Forum


“I found CK well priced and very clued up on mods, would recommend.” mark-in-stoke, GT86 Owners Club


“Not only were the team helpful when I came to renew my insurance, over £200 less than my previous insurance company who I’ve been with for many years, but even when closed they managed to help me on Boxing Day by using their Facebook messaging service. I would highly recommend these guys and have several friends who have taken out policies.” Mathew Watson, Facebook


“Not often I'm this impressed but the service I received today from Ian at Chris Knott was second to none. Not only were they open this morning (2nd Jan) but the quote was very competitive, fast, and the transaction went through immediately trouble free. I was able to tax the new convertible online within minutes of coming off the phone to Ian. Really impressed, Thanks.” Jimmylegs, Celica Club


“Called up again today to inform them of the pending OBX 4-2-1 manifold going on. "No problem, that's the policy updated for you". Cloud 9. Must have been about the 10th call to them to makes changes over the term so far, certainly been 3 in the last 2 months what with the lowering springs etc. No charge again. Thank you.” Lexo, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club

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Apparently car insurance rates have risen by £100 over the last year (Daily Mail article).


If you find that your renewal with your existing provider has gone up please give us a call to see if we can beat your quote with our special car club member scheme. The scheme performs even better when the rest of the market is putting prices up (see feedback below).


We love car club members and we're mod-friendly too.


Please request a quote using one of the following methods:


1. Call 0800 917 2274 and mention this club/forum;


Phone is best as you'll be calling us when it's convenient to talk. With the other methods it's a bit hit or miss whether you can talk when we call.


2. Text QUOTE ME to 61211;


3. Complete our brief Callback Form at https://www.chrisknott.co.uk/CarQuote








The fresh feedback keeps flowing in. Here is some more gathered in recent days:


“Cheapest quote I have had so far by £22” Little_ant, Integra Type-R DC2 forum


"I went with Chris Knott and the service I was given was fantastic together with a great quote on my ST and a fantastic quote on the wife's Kuga (beat the comparison sites)." ###simon###, Fiesta ST Owners Club


"I was pleased with the quote and deal I received when insuring mine with you a couple of weeks ago. Thank you." Marshy, AudiRS3OC


"I got a very good modified car insurance policy through Chris Knott and find them very helpful whenever I contact them." Robbo1987, FiestaSTOC


“There's lots of good feedback from Chris Knotts on here. It's great to see, and makes a refreshing change to hear positivity about an Insurance Company.” Leonardo, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club


"Two cars insured with your good selves here. I'm hoping I stay with you at renewal too." T-800, AudiRS3 Owners Club

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