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White Corrado VR6 1994 £3500

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Firstly I would like to apologise for this being my first post, but I bought my Corrado from a member so thought I would offer it here first.


Sadly the time has come to sell my Corrado (had hoped this would never happen), due to moving house and a longer journey to work which means cycling is no longer possible I need a daily driver and I just don't want to put that much mileage on her.



Mileage is 155,000

I've fitted Black Porsche 928 wheels with Goodyear F1's (Three of the wheels do have slight kerb marks)

Spoiler works automatically at 60mph and on the button

Sunroof works perfecly

Coil pack, plugs and leads done last year

Rear discs, pads and wheel bearings last year and load valve

Late model Golf VR6 front brakes (288's) with Goodridge braided hose's fitted in 2014

Clutch slave cylinder replaced in 2014

Previous owner spent £1500 having the underside cleaned and waxed, it is seriously well protected

Audi TT Wiper conversion

Sony head unit

Kenwood 6X9's

There are a few scratches to the the paintwork, it had a new rear bumper fitted early 2014 after I was rear ended, just enough to put a crease in the original bumper

Serviced every year by myself any other work carried out by a reputible local garage

I've only had it three years and done about 15,000 miles in that time (after i move that would go up to 10,000 miles a year)


I also have a collection of spares to sell with the car

These are;

Uncut black parcel shelf

Original speedline alloys with rainsport 2 tyre's (two of these are near the limit)

Spare catayltic converter

Spare sunroof motor

Spare wiper linkage

Spare wiper arms

Set of rear wheel bearings (forgot these were there)

Uncut front grill (no badge)

Original 280 front discs, pads and calipers with plenty of life left in them

A drive shaft boot (not been needed in my ownership)




Will be a sad day when shes gone, really not looking forward to it

More pictures available on request. Located near Huntingdon 20 miles north of Cambridge

Any questions please feel free to PM or call/text on 07919075025 (after 4pm please as I work nights)

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This link is for the advert by the previous owner, which explains far better the history of the car http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?81110-Candy-White-VR6-for-%A34000-ovno-in-Nottingham-PRICE-DROP-BBS-RCs-SOLD


I'll add some more pictures tomorrow when I can get on the computer, just got to resize them







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Beef, is this still for sale? Has the heater matrix been replaced? I don't think G-Lad replaced it. Are heater controls working OK. I'm in Sussex (north). Went to St Ives the other day to pick up a bargain set of alloys with winter tyres for my Volvo C30. Enjoyable run!

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I haven't had to replace it, not had any problems with the matrix and all the controls still work. Every time i go to St Ives I get stuck in traffic!

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I just got lost instead. Phone wouldn't see the satellites. Volvo has satnav.......but it seems to be almost military grade. Can get you to the front door of a house in Lithuania, but doesn't do post codes. Can't be bothered to learn to use it.

Car still available?

What size are the black Porsche wheels that are fitted?

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Yeah still for sale mate, used my sat nav going to durdle door for the weekend, seemed to take me to every traffic jam on route. The wheels are 16" can't remember the width but they are the same front and back, which makes them early 928 wheels.

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