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'93 Corrado VR6 in The Netherlands for sale

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After 9 years of enjoying this great car I have decided to sell it. Reason is that I recently moved and I do not have any storage space for the car. For my work I am out of the country for 6 months a year and I do not to leave it on the streets when I am gone.

A few years ago we started to refurbish the car step by step. A lot of work has been put into it and the car runs perfectly. Here is a list of things which have been done and what still needs to be done.


-Car frame checked; bad section repaired and rust removed.

-AC system renewed.

-Hoses and gaskets renewed (brakes, cooling water, fuel).

-Drive chain has been renewed.


See link below to the garage where the car was restored.




To be done:

-Front window needs to be renewed.

-Car body needs to be repainted. Current paint is ok, but that was still on my list.


Overall I spent more then 20.000 on the car. My asking price is 6000 euros. More details of what has been done on the car can be obtained through my garage. Car has done 235.000km.

Contact: [email protected]



Update: The front window has been renewed and the window frame has been made rust free.

Car still for sale. Cost of window and frame repair: 1000euro

Price of the car now: 6500 euro.

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