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  1. STORM 2


    Thanks for that , I’ll take it apart this week and see what’s what
  2. STORM 2


    Hi anyone know the best option to source a new sunroof seal. - just noticed a flood in the drivers footwell ? Regards
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I’ve tried cleaning out the switch. - looked pristine inside anyway TBH. I can hear the relay switching behind the rear door card but no action at the window. I tried plugging in the passenger side switch into the drivers side, again relay clicks but no action.. do you think i need to look at the motor ?
  4. Looking for the driver's side Window Motor & Regulator. Driver’s window seems to work sometimes and decides not to at other times ?
  5. Kevin and Jim still around? I still have the Storm btw- now 23 and a half years old....
  6. Should be read only free, and encouraged fee for access to a revitalised wiki and parts knowledge base, imho. i don’t think we should let it die though, otherwise we run the risk of giving up on the cars themselves
  7. Hehe, sorry my mistake, thought it was the outer! :-)
  8. I'll take the late driver's door handle mate
  9. Chris, let me know how much you want for the cowling ? Also looking for the scuttle plastic cover for the wiper motor and rubber rims for the top mounts?
  10. Hehe, you'll be back into Corrado ownership afore long. Nice to see the thread has brought all the oldies out......ha
  11. Did you get your beer money Chris? And, are the screw holes on the plastic solid and uncracked?
  12. I have a pair of electric adjuster motors, but no wiring loom or switch....any ideas?
  13. only thing preventing MOT pass is the headlights !! Need some intact main headlight adjusters - bought some off VW heritage and they are way too small Also (less importantly), need the top and bottom steering cowling - screw holes need to be intact and solid Cheers
  14. Hi Tomi, have you got or can you get hold of the wiring and dash switch for these?
  15. How has someone repaired the microswitch...exactly?
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