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  1. hi m8


    user has posted asking when membership will be made active so they can post

  2. Hey guys, sorry didn’t realise info was t working. I’ll get that sorted. Dogma could you email support and I’ll take look while you do
  3. It’s been getting quite bad in the recent months despite preventative things like captcha in place. As such, I’ve implemented an approval moderation on mew users who are not subscribers. Only on the first post, once your first post is approved you can then do as you please! Hopefully this will help us with the spam
  4. It kinda is, in that the page to get the links are. I want to move the content to a different area.
  5. I've got the wiki back... Its the old one, I want it in a better format, but its functional... https://the-corrado.net/forum/34-wiki-amp-knowledge-base/ You can click the links at the top and they now work.
  6. Don’t see an instant message from you mate, have seen others. Getting a WhatsApp group together to discuss. So get involved if you wish. I have all the wiki content, it’s just a case of copy paste and formatting it.
  7. If any people want to help, I did do a post asking...(see I’m still here 🙂) thanks pfnsht.
  8. I haven’t disappeared. Infact I deal with spam alerts daily on this forum. I’ll reply to your comments in the next few days. I’m not an active member, as I don’t have a corrado, but I will endeavour to make it a place to stay.
  9. Looking for new moderators who would like to help continue the Forum thriving. Please send me a private message if you are interested. Thanks
  10. I’ll have a read and think about it guys.
  11. It’s a difficult one. hapoy to hear comments, but also any area that allows free posting is subject to people posting crap in that topic as that’s the only place they can post. I'm happy to consider anything though, but we need to be careful
  12. You will need to cancel it, since the forum was built I’ve had to redo all the subscriptions. you would need to take out a new subscription if you would like to stay a member. I’m happy to refund the difference also. Thankd
  13. Hey guys, I would really like some help (happy to pay) for someone to move the existing wiki content into this Forum, It’s more or less a copy / paste activity. With a few things to bear in mind. Please get in touch via private message if this appeals to you.
  14. Yes sorry it’s been a busy busy. I may need some help porting the content. I’ll create a post now about it.
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