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  1. Up for sale again in Hillsborough, N.Ireland. Was on Gumtree at £7,000. Now £5,500. Corrado VR6 On Gumtree
  2. Worth a look for you. Folk in England won't drive any distance to buy a car. You gotta travel to get the good ones! Just get plenty of pics sent to you and ask the right questions before you set off.
  3. For some reason I read "Seats" as "Wheels" :) Yeah the Recaros are worth a few bob for sure. But the wheels are an acquired taste and probably worth a few quid too. Not in keeping with a Storm IMO and definitely not with stretched tyres.
  4. Gumtree VR6 That's right on the money if it's as good as it looks. I've never seen a Rado with those Recaros before (needs a handbrake cover mind). You'd also get a wee trip to N.Iron and the beautiful Hillsborough (The Queen has her local residence there). Bring a raincoat, you're guaranteed rain. Ryanair/Easyjet over and Ferry from Belfast or Dublin back. I've done the reverse trip to buy almost every car I've owned. Less than £200 and a bit of an adventure and long drive home to get to know your new car. Aha! Mystery solved. Ok, I'll get them greased up pronto. Thanks! :cheers:
  5. Nearside Rear wheel bearing has slight play (2.6.2) Offside Rear wheel bearing has slight play (2.6.2) Nearly every MOT I've had this. The rear wheels have passive rear steering. They're supposed to have "play!" I'd walk away from that car at £6k. More like £2500 and that's only because it's a Storm.
  6. Ah got you. When I googled VA01-A52/2C-43A and saw the pics I thought it was a Radiator Fan! :)
  7. Sorry not that Fan. The Heater Blower motor.
  8. I think mine also needs regassed. It's been about 5 years since the HVAC was overhauled and the car has spent most of that time in my garage sleeping. She covers about 1500 miles per year. Any idea of the Fan part number? Is it the same as a MK3 Golf with a/c? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Interior-Heater-Blower-Fan-Motor-VW-Seat-POLO-GOLF-III-3-CORDOBA-IBIZA-II-2/114051232648?fits=Model%3AGolf%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+III&hash=item1a8dfbb388:g:hXsAAOSwbSJeEg~Y
  9. I also need the part no for the blower fan. I haven't opened the blower/evaporator to look but I can hear the bearing is starting to go. Best get a spare one. Great thread by the way. My A/C works, I spent £600 getting it recommissioned by an HVAC Specialist a few years back. It's not as super cool as described here though. When we had 38 degrees in Summer it really struggled to create cold air.
  10. MikeVR6

    Which Dipstick?

  11. MikeVR6

    New Storm

    It's mot'd and taxed until November. You can request info from the DVLA. I had it before where they contacted me and asked if I minded them passing my details on to someone who wanted to buy my numberplate. https://www.gov.uk/request-information-from-dvla
  12. I'm on the hunt for one too. A Kamei one or similar. Not a Reiger, I want to keep the standard Grill.
  13. MikeVR6

    Forged Pistons?

    Did you call Vince @ Stealth Racing? I'm sure he'll be happy to give you advice. Mine uses Schimmel 264 cams (I think) and looking at the parts list I see Wossner Conrods and 82.5mm Pistons. - Forged Conrods and 82.5mm Low Compression Pistons (Woessner-kolben.de) - Steel head gasket - ARP strengthened cylinder head bolts - "Helix" Race Clutch & strengthened Clutch Arm - Main Crank and Big End Bearings - Mocal 13 row Oil Cooler and fitting kit - Vibratech strengthened front engine mount - Fan Switch and Thermostat *** Mine was built for LOWER Compression though, as I was also fitting a Charger ***
  14. I've a 16 row Mocal on mine and it idles at 104 on a normal day. Temps into the 120's when I give it a bit.
  15. I picked up a set on the Karmann visit too. Although I only fitted the rear one. [ATTACH=CONFIG]90434[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]90437[/ATTACH]
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