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  1. The time has come to sell the C. Owned for about 12 years, I've spent a small fortune on her but I rarely drive her anymore. She's not been used as a daily since about 2011, just the occasional spin now and then as can be seen in Mot mileage. 2.0l 16v Moonlight blue with black leather interior 156150 miles Work she's had done: Gas flowed and head Gas flowed & port matched inlet manifold Gas flowed throttle body Abf cams Vernier cam pulley Remapped at DG Autotech New injectors (less then 4000 miles) Stainless steel 4 branch downpipe Miltec exhaust G60 280mm front brakes Mk4 rear brakes Goodridge hoses Green stuff pads Borbet A 9j alloys with Goodyear eagle F1 rubber Rolled front arches HR adjustable coilovers TT wiper conversion De-locked door handles 90mm front splitter Road legal pressed metal number plates Heater matrix recently changed Steering rack recently changed 3 relay headlight wiring loom fitted Stealth shelf with infinity 6x9's Uprated front speakers (I forget the brand) Compact 10" wedge custom fit removable sub 3 vibe black box amps and capacitor Hate to see her go but I just don't drive her and shes just sat there. Especially since I had a son 8 months ago and shes really not suitable. She was on a rolling road after the engine work was done, i cant find the paperwork but she was pulling 192bhp back in 2011. The good bits: Engine is spot on. Not pretty, but no problems Spoiler works as it should Good condition fog lights Good condition headlights Comes with loads of spare original parts: - original mint tail lights - original steering wheel - spare clocks - spare throttle body - spare metering head - original door handles - bonnet bra - cold start injectors - Idle stabilization valve - Airbox parts - fuel lines - cams - engine sensors - injectors - g60 brake cylinder - omp front strut brace - badgeless grill The bad bits: Some rust on 2 arches Rust bubbles under drivers side wing Sunroof tilts but doesnt slide (never has in my ownership!) Lacquer peeled patch on bonnet Paint needs some attention On my last trip to the car wash the exhaust came loose from the 4 branch so it's now extremely loud and not drivable. She starts etc but I don't want to drive it as it'll get very hot underneath and is a fire risk. This is one of the big drivers to make me sell her. I understand it's a fairly simple fix but I'd need to get her towed to a ramp to get the exhaust fixed and its just money don't want to spend on a car I don't drive. (The golf r is my new money pit) Looking for £2500 She's in Harold Wood, RM3 Will need to be towed away because of the exhaust. You can drive her but that's up to you and at your own risk. Cant figure out how to upload pics so whatsapp me and I'll send them to you. 07712625227
  2. Hi, Would you be willing to sell the speaker grills on the doorcards separately? Thanks
  3. pumbaa

    Steering Rack

    After a cheapie but in good working order. Mines a 16v but the crossover year so I have no idea which size splines. May have to adapt the UJ but I'll deal with that when the problem arises. I'm located near Romford or the garage is in Tottenham.
  4. Do you have the steering rack? Happy to pop over any evening or weekend.
  5. Hi mate, don't suppose you still have the shell and have the steering rack for sale? If its near Harold Wood i can pop by and also see if there's anything else i need? Ta.
  6. Hi, What colour is it?
  7. Idiot. I just searched the paint code and didn't look at the date!
  8. Hi, Out of interest, how much are you after for the bonnet? I assume you wont post? Thanks
  9. I have some early clocks. I think they're cable driven. Will have a look and post some pics if lilfuzzer hasn't sorted you out.
  10. Sorry, i thought all g60's were early type? Also,its been about 8 years since i've done anything corrado so i might be getting mixed up. The exhaust i have has bar type hangers. You need any 16v parts SR_Neale? (might also have some generic bits) I have a shed load and i will be selling the C soonish so want to get rid of all my spares. The Mrs did said she saw a red C around these parts....
  11. I have an oval tipped SS exhaust for an early C. I'm based in Harold Wood, near Romford if you're interested i can try and get some photos?
  12. Hi, Do you have a pair of parcel shelf supports and an early drivers side door speaker grill? If so, how much would you want posted to London? Thanks
  13. pumbaa


    If the car has mk4 rear brakes they're probably the hoses you'll have spare after fitting the mk4 conversion hoses.
  14. Hi, Would you sell the drivers side door speaker grill separately? Thanks, Kunaal
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