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  1. I'm in America at the moment and have been looking at the prices of parts and cars. Used parts are just as expensive here as in the UK but the aftermarket parts/upgrades are much cheaper
  2. I have no issues paying and really value the forum. I'm keen to see the outcome, good luck
  3. Hi Anna, thanks for doing this. Do you know when all the parts will be up on your website?
  4. odub

    Blackberry 20vt

    I've been fairly quiet recently due to various commitments but there has been a lot going on with the car. It's currently in at the dyno getting re-wired and then will be mapped for well over 300bhp! I'll try and get some pictures up but if you want to see on my instagram @oliwbrett there's a few there. There's the addition of a carbon extended spoiler and a red heckblende to tie in the rear red lights. So essentially the car is very nearly on the road, just need to somehow get an MOT on it
  5. This is why I’m permanently skint. Too many temptations
  6. I'd be very interested in front wings for mine. I already have one of the original LWS carbon bonnets which looks great
  7. odub

    Cup holder

    Got mine and all fitted up. Just what i needed, thanks
  8. Rear number plate plinth would be great
  9. I can’t wait to see this out
  10. Awesome thanks. I’ve got some early style ones that I’ll chop some holes into for the switches
  11. odub

    Cup holder

    I’m 100% in please
  12. A little off topic but the difference between the early and late style door pods having the window switches mounted in them. Does anyone know if the late style were simply holes cut into the door pod to accept the window switch or were they recessed or similar?
  13. odub

    Cup holder

    i'd be up for the smaller version, thanks for your effort
  14. odub

    Headlight switch

    thanks for the info, normally avoid the dealers as pretty much everything is obsolete now
  15. odub

    Headlight switch

    Thanks fellas. I've just bought a new one
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