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  1. Found it wasn't actually downloading anything! Olive softwear user info is more Spartan than the Spartans - to say the least - no messages to tell you what is happening, how to do stuff. Nothing in manual, nothing online. How come other electronic products nearly smother you with pdf manuals, etc. online? The modern world is crazy. Anyway, I restarted download, this time got a progress graph and it did the download "successfully", it said, in about 10 hours. This is a music server at the bottom of the Olive range (03HD). If you want to see how many complaints you can get about "state-of-the-art" servers bigger than that and costing ££several thousands, check out the avs forum. Glad mine from hifi store in Harrow (ex-dem)is claimed to be trouble free, and more importantly, warrantied for a year. Brilliant when it is working. Nuff said. People knocked the Brennan, too. I have had mine for several years now, playing faultlessly, but it had to go back to them 3 times before bugs ironed out. Hi-tec can be very unimpressive, due to the race to get stuff on the shelves. Possibly not as bad as that in the car industry now?
  2. craigowl

    Holes in sills

    This is car over 20 years old? My wife's from-new Austin 1100 (BMC Leyland) developed rotten sills that collapsed on jacking the car up - I kid you not - when it was 3 years old. (1966-69) Multiply this experience by untold thousands = British car industry down the pan.
  3. Thanks, guys. "Supports USB2.0/1.1" on Buffalo box. Desktop is quite recent Dell Inspiron 530, I guess it will be USB 2.0? Days then, anyway?
  4. This music is on Olive 03HD - about 730 albums. It has been running for about 30 hours! Hard drive is Buffalo 500Gb FAT32. (And I used to think making music tapes and cassettes was time-consuming.)
  5. https://www.aldi.co.uk/en/specialbuys/sunday-specialbuys-25th-august/product-detail/ps/p/wrecking-bars/
  6. see here - http://www.southernwater.co.uk/at-home/your-water/water-resources/where-our-water-comes-from/groundwater.asp Also, we used to hear this, years ago - "Anything that's passed through so many kidneys has to be very pure indeed." (A reference to the saying that London tap-water is allegedly filtered by seven sets of kidneys).
  7. The driest parts of the UK in the southeast are the most densely populated. I believe water comes to many by artesian wells underground.
  8. Hi, Jim, your post explains, so well, too, why so many do not trust science and scientists today. I was educated in a golden age of science - it seemed to many of us to be the best and most fascinating field to work in at that time. No doubt we were deluded to some degree, and there will have been vested interests (probably almost entirely in the US then) but scientists in the UK and Europe seemed to be trusted and respected, with no charlatans and crooks among them - only the truth and the science (good science) mattered. Anyway, for many of my school pals, it made science well respected and attractive to be involved in. Typically, as in many other fields in these idealistic times (1960s), science seemed to hold the potential to address and solve so many problems for the human race. However, I can assure you, the word "environment" was probably never used in my hearing in those days. The earth was treated as a useful dustbin - so big as to be able to dilute or disperse any nasties or waste our lifestyles may create. Now we know that was an extremely dangerous belief. The general public have to scrabble around looking for who to believe. Unfortunately this means many are fooled into following the views of scientists who are plugging unsound/unproven theories. Don't get me started on the £ tens of billions railway across a swathe of prime England for getting some business people from London to Birmingham a bit faster!
  9. A documentary I saw showed fizzy water from the drinking supply. This was due to methane. It was in the US. Not sure if the water was always like that, but the local hillbillys said it wasn't until fracking happened. Yesterday, or day before, I heard Germany are not going ahead with it - they are concerned about gases being forced into the groundwater on which their huge beer industry depends. No one else hear that? The thought of almost unlimited energy in the UK and not having to depend on precarious suppliers like Russia, etc is very tempting. We need to know more, as our crowded country is too small for its inhabitants not to be affected by any negative effects the laws of physics will impose - probably irreversibly.
  10. Heck! - I hope our little Stuie won't be doing that!
  11. Our youngest lad who works for a paper paid us a quick visit - this time he was in an Audi R8 Spyder - I think that's right. Obscene power and luxury - no cassette player unfortunately. Missed him last week when he had some Mercedes monster that the military use. He just bought a flat in Edinburgh this year, so he and his girl friend run a 10-year old Suzuki Ignis of the yello variety.
  12. dr_mat I bought this one in Sept 2012. Never used it as autoelectrician established problem was ecu, which I replaced. I am sure my man said they were reasonable brand. I can send it to you for nowt - you can try it - if it works send a beer voucher - if not, keep it. No use to me now. regards Iain http://stores.ebay.co.uk/All-Cars-All-Parts-Ltd/All-Cars-Shop.html_?_nkw=290653615231&submit=Search
  13. Yes - interesting documentary, but I felt some one-sidedness too. Are there no slovenly Germans? Maybe they can blame the Turks or some other nationality for that trait?
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