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  1. Bonnet closed: Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  2. I can see the images now! Sorry, they aren't the best guys. I will try and get some better ones over the weekend. Fitment is good, they sit flush. -Luke
  3. HI Jason, What condition are the front wings in mate? Luke
  4. Hello, Does anyone have any knowledge or advice when fitting Mk1 TT front seats into a late Corrado? My bolster is in need of repair, however, I have a friend with good condition seats for sale, so was wondering if it was much work? I did try the search but nothing was found. Any advice or pictures would be great. Luke
  5. have the rear arches been rolled at all?
  6. Hi Mate, Wheels look great! What size are they? and what tyre size are you running?
  7. That sounds perfect and exactly what i would be looking for! and for £400 that's a great price! Do you have a link to your thread mate? Are you happy with the quality of the system as well? I think i will have to get in contact with them and see where my local branch is.
  8. Milteks current system is 2.25" diameter - unfortunately, this wouldn't be suitable for my setup as it will be running an AUQ 1.8T engine, with a 3" downpipe. To be able to achieve the power I would like to, I would need something along the lines of a 2.5" system.
  9. Hi There, Here at VWHeritage we have a Brand New Genuine Volkswagen Corrado Bonnet for sale that does have a couple of minor dinks on the panel, however in very good condition! (Please see the images) The bonnet is supplied in primer but we would recommend for it to be stripped back and sprayed. We sell these panels at a retail cost of £183.30 inc VAT Part number: 535-823-031/A Price on this Bonnet is £100 Collection only If you are interested please contact Luke on 01273 444 000 or email me at [email protected] [ATTACH=CONFIG]84976[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]84977[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]84978[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]84979[/ATTACH]
  10. Hi All, I am looking for a company to make a custom fully stainless steel exhaust on my Corrado, can anybody recommend a local company? Ideally based in Brighton but willing to travel for quality. Thanks :cheers:
  11. Hi Mate, Can i grab your contact number? Im only in shoreham by sea and need a couple of bits. Luke
  12. Looks Good to me, Private message me a price mate
  13. Hi Mate, No problem about the wings - let me know if they do come up. If you are able to send me the images of the bumper that would be great. Luke
  14. Hi Mate, Do you have any images of the front wings and front bumper? Luke
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