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  1. As the title says, Lets see those modifications you like the most on your motor! It can be anything from stanced, standard, pinked out, lifted, lowered etc etc etc it all counts! Whatever makes you happy and makes you love the Corrado that little bit more. Having only owned my VR a year and its been garaged most of that then mine would have to be the fact that I've cleaned up the grey leather pretty well and its starting to look not too bad now. All other mods on it other than the wheels came with the car on purchase, the previous owner having done some pretty nice mechanical/handling upgrades to be honest. Who knows your mods might just inspire someone else to do the same. Share away....... [ATTACH=CONFIG]93423[/ATTACH]
  2. I'd happily pay for one too :) if its not too much trouble buddy :)
  3. Hey man I still require a sunroof motor. I can't get to the car to get the part number as it's in storage for a while whilst I'm away but it's a 1993 VR6 if that helps. I need a good solid engine cover yes, but sunroof motor priority for now
  4. Anth

    Hey buddy! Sorry it's a random message and you probably don't have the Corrado anymore but the Klutch wheels you ran. I am looking at some too. Same as yours were. 8" and 9" widths and 16inch wheels. Problem is the offset is ET15 for the front and ET20 for the rears. The site I want to buy them from said they won't fit but some have said they will with a little poke from arches. Just wanted to know how'd you get on with them?


    Thanks man! Appreciate you taking the time to get back to me on this after so long of you being on here.




  5. can you state prices for the leather interior. i have same interior but fancy yours more as less beaten up! is it heated? secondly, i am looking for a new whole dash front end (the glovebox on mine is beaten up too and a few spots where the plastic has given up! i won't need the buttons and dials etc etc just dash shell and whatever parts have to come with it to make it a straight swap!
  6. do you still have the engine cover? also the full dash? is it in good nick and how much? my dash on my project is a little beaten up! i will need just the shell first before thinking of the buttons/heater controls etc
  7. do you have the sunroof motor at all? need to get mine done asap!
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