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  1. I think you'll find a fiat coupe 20VT a good rival to the corrado mate :roll:
  2. White cars look like fuckin shit mate :lol: IMO :lol:
  3. Your car was in a magazine recently wasnt it? Full spec, where you live, alot of exposure. Its terrible that people use that info to get at you, but thats whats happend, damn man :!:
  4. Sorry to hear that mate :( , Bad loss, I share the sentiments of Jim, deepest sympathy going out to Phils family.
  5. Cheers, but i meen the supercar races, in the pro section. Supercars only, you cannot mod the car in any way and it must have over 493 BHP. Where do you get that f1 car from then? Cheers :wink:
  6. What car have people found the best to do the supercar pro races in? Cheers :wink:
  7. Is it your car? 274 bhp from a G60 is VERY impressive :wink:
  8. Cheers dude, currently got a dodge viper tuned to, 680 bhpish, superchargerd 2 :wink: Gonna give it a go with that, man i love this fuckin game! :lol:
  9. Has anybody done the professional NA tuned event yet? If so which car did you use? :wink:
  10. I have no definate prices, but I think you'd need at around £1500, but it depends what you go for. From what I have read on Glub GTI's forum, I should be able to get around 200 BHP by converting to these. Joby, I had a little go a a Civic Type R too, and was suprised how well my Corrado did against it. Mistrall, when I had my car on the rolling road, it was £30 if I remember correctly, but that was part of a group booking through the forum. There are lots of tuners around the country who would put it on their rollers for you. It depends on your spec tuning wise, mine is all set up to standard factory settings. Quality, cheers dude :wink:
  11. Looks Horrendous! :lol: Good luck with it :wink:
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