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  1. Clip received this week, thank-you, I really appreciate you sending that for me :-)
  2. Yep, same as mk2 golf :-)
  3. It clips on the side lug of the fusebox, but you must make sure the small moulded peg on the fusebox is located in the hole in the metal end mounting bracket, otherwise the clip won't fit.
  4. Has anyone got one of these they would like to sell? Mines gone AWOL! Part no. 191 941 856, clips to the side of the fuse box. I'm happy to pay via paypal, and would need it posted to Essex, thanks.
  5. Steve, finally installed my kit yesterday. It looks superb, why didn't vw make them illuminate properly from the start! Cheers phil. (You were chatting to me next to my green 16v at North Weald a few weeks ago).
  6. Sorry Mark, only just seen your message. Pretty good thanks, very busy with work, if you need any BMUs, you know who to call ;) Did you go in the end? I was there from 10.30 till about 5.00. It was a really good day, despite concern over the weather - not one drop of rain the whole time I was there!
  7. Nobody fancy joining us on the Essex GTI stand? Mine will be there. Come on, we need more Corrados ;)
  8. Hi Steve, please put my name down for 1 kit with standard green direction and fan speed, and blue red temperature.
  9. It's every 2nd Monday of the Month, so there's always next month!
  10. We are meeting tonight if anyone fancies some car chat...
  11. Club GTI are trying to organise to put together an agreement with TPS and Halfords for it's members at the moment...
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