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  1. Welcome back to the fold! Did the same, had a 16v in 2005, a VR6 in 2008, sold those years back but got back into a VR6 last year. No other car has the same effect!
  2. Readily available from Germany on UK eBay, I got another sanden
  3. Cheers for that, I’ll give that a whirl, it is a Diavia system, yes replacing the drier too.
  4. Looks like the engine pipe work for mine will need replacing, has anyone any idea on where I could source these pipes?
  5. What type of grease would you recommend mate?
  6. Managed to source a new one mate, it’s the make Sanden model 7830 if anyone has a similar preference in the future
  7. Long shot but anyone know the part number or alternative for the Diavia compressor, mines shot
  8. Cheers! Can’t beat this forum for knowledge! Yeah I had to move quick, the spec/condition is great, certainly the cleanest one I’ve owned! Look forward to seeing yours on here soon
  9. Hi mate, welcome back, the corrado Facebook page is a really good place too
  10. Annoyingly I can see that the heated switch/cigarette lighter cable is also out but after spending 3 hours trying to get the fusebox free I give up lol the ambient temp is now working though
  11. Hi guys, just having a look at the fusebox (1994 VR6) and noticed to yellow connectors unplugged, tried to upload photo but no joy, one has a single yellow/black cable with single yellow plug, the other has a blue/red cable and a green cable 2 port plug any idea what they do and where they’re supposed to live?
  12. Any idea what resistance I should be getter on the wiring and sensor?
  13. I’ll investigate further, cheers for the heads up
  14. I’ll try them first, do TPS serve mere mortals these days or do you still have to say your a taxi driver still lol
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