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  1. Nailed it! This is the very car and thread I was thinking of. I wonder what the hell happened to it? Also did some more digging on the registrations and found out more. It also turns out that there were more Corrados after F241BVV which followed the registration. So basically there were other F plate Corrados out there which were never press cars, but were sold to the general public. I wonder how many F plate Corrados were sold, and how many remain?
  2. Just found this. Press cars have BVV letters. Looks like you commented on this a decade ago! I wonder what became of Mave's old car?
  3. Interesting reading. What are the registrations of the press cars?
  4. Yeah, I've tracked it for years. Cheers anyway though! I knew of it's sister car H368RHL as well - both were personal company cars (and then weekend toys) for two business partners for a whole decade. They were sold off at pretty much the same time and were both really well looked after, one owner, ten year old cars. 368 lost the fight six or seven years ago iirc.
  5. Fair enough. Here goes: Does anyone know if any of the F plate Corrados still survive? They were press cars iirc. When I owned my tornado red C in 2000 (where are you now H369RHL?) I often used to see one on an F plate locally. I'm sure I read a thread on them on the forum years ago, but can't find anything now.
  6. Nice one. Thanks for that. The forum is no use to me if I can't post. My point entirely. I visit here very occasionally and dont post often. I'm still an early forum member though. I have no intention of paying £15 to ask one question, hence finally giving in with facebook. Forums are now few and far between and I admit I still like the concept. I'm a regular on a general car forum elsewhere and the model there is based on voluntary contributions as opposed to imposed membership fees for proper access. It's worked perfectly for the last two years. Anyway, I didn't come here to stir up a hornet's nest - I came to ask one question about a car model I'm still rather fond of.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Sad times. I appreciate forums have running costs, but am also aware they're a dying breed. I haven't owned a Corrado for years, but like to read and post on here every now and then. I still have an interest. As a non-owner though, I can't justify spending £15 for the infrequent pleasure. Social media has killed platforms like this, so forums now, more than ever need to try hard to keep encouraging members. Infrequent, longer-term members are stil part of the community. It's a sad goodbye. I've avoided it until now, but it I've finally given in and requested to join the Facebook owners page. Cheerio.
  8. Hi all, I joined many years ago. I owned my first Corrado H369RHL in 2000 - a tornado ted 16 valver (it appears to have been on sorn since 2006 if anyone knows of it!) . I bought another valver in Bordeaux red in around 2003. I've dropped in here over the years as I'm still interested in them. Most recently I owned a mk2 Golf with a 2.8 VR6 conversion. I'd like to post a question in the main car chat area - any ideas why I'm not able to do so?
  9. Stunning looking VR. Great to see you've owned it for years and kept it regardless, as well. They're still such good looking things, despite the design being over 25 years old.
  10. Gutted for you. Hope it turns up and the thieving scum get what they deserve.
  11. I owned a couple of valvers several years ago, but occasionally drop into the forum to have a nose (and when I again start to lust for a VR6 'Rado!). Just read your thread from start to finish, and I have got to say you deserve a massive virtual pat on the back. Amazing work, and HUGE congrats on getting the old girl mot'd after all this time. The early photos looked pretty scary, but you've proved that hard work and commitment get the results! I'm impressed with the general look of the bodywork on your car - it looks really clean and straight - surprisingly so, considering the photos of the suspension and underside initially! Keep up the good work 8)
  12. Anyone got a spare, or know where I could source a new one? Mine is pretty much knackered, and I could do with a decent replacement asap. Anyone?
  13. Cheers all. Will give it a go when this bleddy rain clears off!
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