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  1. Just a quick one. What was also featured in the topgear corrado episode? I want to know as the episodes are being repeated on DAVE TV and I would like to be able to spot the episode in the electronic program guide so I can set the DVD recorder.

    Child seats

    wicked. Thanks for the help. I didn't think so many people would be Corrado-Dads! We've gone for the mothercare traveltot for now, but will of course need to upgrade in the future. cheers ed

    Child seats

    I am going to need a from birth (group 0 or 0+) car seat soon (probably before 11th July....) I have just been down to mother care and the nice women there tried their own brand 'travel tot' car seat in the back of the 'rado and said it was fine. Has anyone else used a child car seat in the back of their 'rado recently? What do you use? There are some old posts about child seats but laws and recommendations have changed since then. I was surprised they didn't say that no child seat would be allowed to fit into the car anyother thoughts?

    Heater fans

    Just a quick warning. GSF no longer sell Valeo heater fans for the 'rado. The ones they sell are made by Klassig fooker (or something), I tried one of these and it did not blow half as well as my old valeo one. I had to take it back and go to VW for a new valeo one.

    aerial wiring

    Hello all, happy easter. I think the aerial wire is rattling around in the C pillar, and I was wondering how to best get the trim off and fix it in place? I am right in thinking that the Aerial wiring runs down the C pillar at the backof the car? If so is it a common problem to have the wiring bouncing around inside? I meet a guy at Stealth who siad he put expanding foam in to stop the wire bashing about, anyone else done this? Or have a link to a thread on it? I have tried searching but to no avail. So how do I safely get that trim off and have a loo? cheers dears ed
  6. I got a new headlight switch from GPC for ~£36 last week, the one where you push once on the lefthand side to go to sidelights and then again to full beam, I think thats late style (and your would be too?). Easy to fit and the switch feels so much more robust
  7. So where do the 3 cables go to? Does anyone have a good diagram? Is the temperature control on one side of the car and directional flaps on the other? Are there any tips for removing the shelves or is it obvious?
  8. I am having heater control problems (the small shaft on which the temperature gear turns has completly sheared). If I am going to replace the heater controls many people suggest replacing the bowden cables as well. Do you have to remove the whole dash to get to the other end of the bowden cables? Or can they be done by just taking on the central part of the dash which houses the controls and the stereo etc? I think I can handle taking out the centre part of the dash, but the whole dashboard seems a bit much for me and I'd probably need help. many thanks ed :wink:
  9. I am having problems with adjusting the temperature on my 'rado. Before I can put up photos of whats wrong i'll need to remove the whole control unit....so how easy is it to take the bowden cables off their pins? Do they simply prise on/off or do you need to uncoil the ends? They look tightly bound on there
  10. Just reading this thread and saw thought it was a wind-up at first.....but it is in the instruction manual! I always wondered why my wipers seemed to change the interval as if they had 'a mine of there own'....I thought it was my clever 'rado looking after me :oops: I am glad I read random threads every now and then
  11. I have had a similar problem on my blower. On mine all that has happened is the connection for speeds 1 to 3 has been pushed back with wear and tear over time. Take off the small plastic covering the 3 blower knobs (direction, temperature, speed) and try the fan on speeds 1 to 3 while gently pushing the metal circuit contacts together. If the fan works it's not the fuse just the conenction. I fixed mine with a small peice of card to push the connection out. Even cheaper than a cheap fuse. Don't want to open a can of worms.....but if the fuse has gone why would the fan still work at all? If this has been questioned and answered elsewhere please ignore me, i'll look it up later.
  12. Tekara the breakdown of cost was: £49.95 per wheel refurbed (including transport to pristine) £1.50 per bolt replaced (total of 20 of them) £20 for the agent to store the car while the work was being done. thats not inclusing the VAT....so ask for a cash discount :-)
  13. Yes it was Pristine who did the refurb, though an agent in Derby. Turned them round in 4 days. Very impressed with the service and the sparkle silver finish. I must dig out the before photos to show how bad they were
  14. When I got new tyres for me old golf they had nice shiny valve caps put on......they lasted 2 days before the chavs got em!
  15. I have just returned from my first driving holiday with the 'rado. Me and my girlfriend spent a week around Pembrokeshire. Was excellent, but thats another story. On the first day the fuse for the sunroof/lighter socket blew (when the sunroof was open), not a disaster as by chance I had a spare. But I was wondering what sort of equipment people keep in the 'rado on long journeys just in case. Heres what I have what should be added? (be a little sensible though I know the heat is going to some peoples head!) Fuses 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 amp. Jump leads Warning triangle First aid kit (new from VW with all items in date) Torch Air compressor Multimeter Insulating tape Pipe hose and repair tape (from Halfords) Bulbs (headlight, brake) Bottle of G11+ Bottle of Water Fire extingusher I think thats about it. What should I add to the list (or taken away)?
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