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  1. Go Rotrex, I've had mine a few months, now its beded in its a demon!!! The power comes on hard and early and just keeps on pushing until the red line. Storm have an excellant product which you'd be pushed to get the same kit fitted for a better price and get the same sort of performance. They quote 310 bhp as a bench mark on their stae 1 kit, as all the corrados they have done have all made at least that or more. I'm never looking back!! :D
  2. I've discused this with one of the tuning shops before, as far as it was put to me the bell housing needs swapped over and the mount needs some modifications. Nothing much more.
  3. If your hiting 140 Deg C on your oil temps your lucky you've not blown the engine to pieces!!! I'm sure oil looses it properties and consistancy at about 130 Deg C!!!!
  4. They are indeed the ones I bought from you OSV thanks for clarifying that. My memory for the sizes wasn't that great! Hows things been going minus the Corrado?
  5. I'm running Azev As on my VR, 17x7.5 and ET 35 I think, I'll check it when I go out later. There is enough room behind them to clear Audi TT 312mm calipers and only about 10 mm shy of fitting in some Brembos. I do run stretched tyres though as they stick out a small amount from the arches, but with the small 30 mm drop on mine I have no issues.
  6. I over estimated the punch of the VR6 when I bought it, but now with the Rotrex its very much the car I wanted, very punchy at lower speeds and quick accelerating, then very satisfying when some suited muppet in his 530i trys to tail gate you out the way only to be left in the distance of the rear view mirror!! :lol: Storm Developments did my install along with lots of other work, excellant service and after care. Give them a call they do a very well priced stage 1 kit with the C30-94, 6-Branch, Aquamist, Tuning and a bag of other bits and pieces.........
  7. Storm Developments are offering an R36 conversion now as one of their regular services. They had two brand new R36 lumps waiting to go into cars when I picked mine up, very sweet looking piece of kit!
  8. herisites Storm Developments are well worth considering, Andy and Miles have just done the top end rebuild and fit their stage 1 Rotrex to mine. It was a great service, lots of good after care with the couple of minor issues I've had too!
  9. craziscot

    Tyre stretches

    I run my tyres stretched too, no major drop, no problems at all and I regularly punish the country roads in mine.....
  10. I got my original one of the bay great upgrade but the wires were way too short to reach, had to extend them and too short to hide anywhere, ended up embalmed in duck tape on the top of the battery!! That one will only do your main or high beam not both, you'd need two to do them both. To be honest give it a go building one yourself, easyier than it sounds, I got all the bits including a waterproof box to hide it all in from Maplin for about £22! Took me about two hours with the old one as a guide. There is a Knowledge Base item which will help.............
  11. You'll find it just keeps pulling, more like a turbo, on a steep almost linear curve until the engine rev limitor kicks in and spoils all the fun! :D The curve is very different to a Vortech curve. I'll get my power graph scanned in and up on Monday or Tuesday when I can get at the works scanner.......
  12. Thats what mine started doing when the head gasket started to fail internally. Not saying its that but maybe worth a check....
  13. BMC CDA, same reasons as above.
  14. craziscot


    Give it a week and mine should be ready for sale, all parts included, about 1 year old.......
  15. The early first batch ones had a few fitting issues as they were based on a G60 scuttle area, the new ones have been re-designed to fit all corrado scuttle areas so don't worry about that.
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