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  1. Looking quite nice there you big gay jersey dweller ;) Must take about 1.28 seconds to get from one side of the rock to the other now :)
  2. Probably because the bottom end was also damaged when the belt went, and they just repaired the head. Doh! Any cambelt going after 2k miles is pretty obviosuly a manufacturing problem with the belt.
  3. Aye, it's a fantastic car on the rare ocassions it's all in one piece and running properly mate! :)
  4. Loads of valves mate!!!! My DJ name is actually Car Killer :)
  5. Quick update for those that like to take the p*ss :) The GTA snapped it's cambelt (one day before the warranty ran out!! :) ). so being a complete idiot I bought another alfa to reun around in while the GTA is rebuilt. Quick pic for those that like alfas but won't admit it in front of their dub loving friends :)
  6. What!? :shock: That is mad! :lol: But I have to ask, how many miles had that belt done before it broke? I know mate - they've already paid out for a gearbox because I blew the diff, which took the gearbox out with it! (£2200!) :) Alfa reckon it may now need a full engine rebuild, which has gotta cost a good few grand. Luckily the (free) warranty is up to the value of the car :) The belt snapped at 50k by the way. Not sure if it was the belt or a tensioner or something. It was serviced by an alfa main dealer 2k miles ago, including belt check etc. There is a bit of a thing going on with alfa at the mo, as most other countries say change the belts on a GTA at 60k kilometers - 38k miles or so, but the uk service schedule says 72k miles! Alfa uk have already paid out on several out of warranty GTAs that have snapped belts. Great cars though. When they work! That's why I've got 2 - one is always in the garage! :)
  7. 'Motor Control Failure' warning light came on mate. I thought it was probably the lambda probe - it's fairly common. Turned out to be a snapped cambelt! But because I am the luckiest man alive (sometimes) it happened on the penultimate day of my warranty!! :) SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET :) Tis with Alfa as we speak. Although they're busy so I was thinking of taking it to this alfa racing fella up the road for a rebuild. The silver lining........... I may well get it rebuilt a bit bigger (possibly 3.6) as it won't really cost any more. Will (carkiller) :)
  8. Well I liked them so much I bought another one! :) Needed something to run around in while the GTA gets a new engine (oops!) so I bought a 155 2.0 sportpack for 700 quid. Bargain :)
  9. Good stuff mate - you've put a hell of a lot of work into your rado :) It's going to be a cracker :) The Alfa is good thanks. I'm rapidly working my way through the Alfa Romeo parts catalogue though! :) :) :) I'm sticking to major mechanical items such as gearboxes, diffs, etc to keep things simple :) Other than killing it a few times already, it still gets me every time I drive it mate. The sound, the acceleration, etc. I love it! :) I still need to sort the suspension out though - I fancy some KWs. Coming over there in a few weeks if you need anything from the UK dude? Will
  10. God mate, is that a Storm that you've butchered with lowered suspension and a non-standard grill!!!!!!!!!! Sacrilidge!! ;)
  11. Behind the sofa mate. Been scared to come out and see what else has fallen off the Alfa ;)
  12. Tart ;) I'd try and find some cracking 15 inchers matey. Old skool all the way!
  13. 6000 schmeuros on a respray!!! You are completely fekin chicken oriental my friend!! :) It is zee crazy cigarettes you 'dutch people' are smoking over there I think, yah? :) Fair play though mate. If you're gonna do it, you might as well do it properly eh? It looks bleedin gorgeous. How's life mate? Will
  14. double-6s

    Car Insurance

    PMSL. Haven't you got an Alfa forum to be annoying dooble 6s? ;) Nice to see you too fellas! :) (no time for forums recently - been working 8 jobs to try to keep up with repairs to the alfa ;) )
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