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  1. I'd probably stick to what i know, so id get a mk2 golf GTi 8v (only because i prefer it to the mk3) Generally reliable, easy to fix if not, under 1k, 40mpg if you drive normally Fair amounts of space
  2. I forgot the thread on here, Back to the Schu/Baz incident, i personally can't believe how blown out of proportion it has been - he caused no crash, didnt touch him, if anyone knows where the line of touching him is, i'd personally say Schumacher does. Barrichello could have backed out of the move when he saw MS move over, but he didn't. As bad/worse things are done all the time, but nobody likes the man who handed their arses on plates to them. Really good race today, Spa is the coolest ciruit by far. Vettel does seem to be causing accidents often though and has completely fucked his and Buttons title chances. Better from schumacher, 21st>7th not bad! I can't wait to see him on the podium.
  3. I'd go for track rod ends and ball joints if you're looking for a refresh. Maybe even wishbone bushes depending on their condition
  4. My DS2500's are awesome aswell Matt 8)
  5. If you're looking for performance, i'd say coilovers. Not that they'll make your car much if any faster, it will feel it and look more sporty. If not, headlight loom + service + full inside and out clean + new bushes (if they're worn) + full alignment. For the price of reasonable coilovers...
  6. Wouldn't mind doing this at some point, but braking line and ABS on, automatic optional? come on!
  7. Did you guys use the link for the Hong Kong seller? Or is there a UK one?
  8. g60rc

    8V Carbs / Eaton

    It is the same principle as twin carbs, just need a different manifold and someone who knows what jetting roughly...
  9. Was that from VW? I've been quoted over £50 each twice :(
  10. g60rc

    Tie Rods + ends

    Has anyone bought febi-bilstein tie rods and have any opinions on them? They seem a good price, but there is reviews of them being bad on clubgti. Cheers
  11. Quite a clever design, covering a hole with your knee rather than doing anything mechanical. Practice is now on bbc red button, come on schumacher....
  12. It's going to be awesome, schumacher coming back is making it for me. I don't think he has anything to prove, but i'd love to see him winning a couple of races (at least) :notworthy: I hope Jenson isn't blitzed by Hamilton, i'd rather see it the other way round. I think Alonso will take the c'ship, Hamilton very close behind, Massa near enough and Buttom/Schumacher somewhere 3rd-5th. Pretty safe predictions though lol.
  13. That;s good to hear thanks... They're half the price at about £50
  14. Cheers guys, They are super expensive, something like 3.5 sets of normal pads on GSF instead. But if there's loads of positive's about them they must be that good to warrent it? Are they perfectly fine for road use, or will they suffer on normal trips?
  15. Hi all, I'm looking to buy pads for my G60 Front brakes (i gather they're the same as vr6 ones?) I'd like something good value for money. I've heard good reports about the Ferodo DS2500's, which come out at £100. Does anyone know anywhere they are cheaper? Or any others that i'm completely overlooking?
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