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  1. Picked up bumper and slam panel thanks to swainy20 , nice dealing with you mate Just headlights needed now I think and she will be as good as new again soon
  2. Headlights are same fitment if I remember correctly so shouldn't matter about the style. Just sending you a msg now Swainy20 cheers
  3. My misses had a bit of a bump in our beloved 89 16v Corrado , so I'm in need of a few parts would prefer them in tornado red but any colour is ok Early bumper Slam Panel Head lights That's it as far as I know of Thanks please comment or PM me with prices location and pictures please
  4. My friend Bradley spotted it think he informed the owner or tried to. Glad it's owner . It's a joke when you can't own a nice car without worrying someone will rob it . My mate M3 and 3 other bmw's got stolen all on the same night in coleshill a few weeks ago
  5. Could make more than selling it but it's a shame to see them getting broken down , I was tempted to break mine to make more money but I would rather it go to someone who will love driving it and look after it .
  6. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=86624
  7. I will be there great show . if anyone is after buying a Corrado I will be taking my vr6 into the sales section . Feel free to pop by for a look phone number will be in the window if your interested
  8. £1500 Ono . Located in Birmingham I've owned this car for a year and it's been fantastic . I have been slowly doing it up with what funds I had . It's Had recent new maxxis tyres , pads and discs all round , Super sprint Decat and custom stainless cat back. Lights , fogs ect all in good condition due to replacing broken ones . Will also come with loads of spares think I have about 6 useable tyres only fitted maxxis so I had same all round. Has Lupo upgrade wipers and new linkage on the mechanism , wind deflectors , bonrath power rohr , bmc CDA , mint but custom hand engraved Corrado leather steering wheel , pretty sure there is other stuff but can't remember it all at the moment . Will come with orig parts air box , cat ect She Will need new cv boot , rear bearing is whining a bit even though it's only about 2 months old & lamda sensor for mot which is due soon . She drives great and pulls really well , it's not mint but I was trying to get her there . I'm only selling due to medical reasons which is making it harder for me to get in and out of Tax is August 2014 Mot end of May Has 186k miles but was rebuilt at 112k only proof I have on this is a hand written note from previous owner . Most important recipt and I can't find it typical , will come with loads of parts/spares as I've been tidying it up . I've loved owning it and specially driving it the noise it makes is made to put a smile on your face . Will come with a set of 17" wheels I got with it with a lot of tread on the tyres budget ones though . Some split down bbs rx2 wheels never got round to refurbish them . About 5 spare tyres for the 15" Speedlines in the photos .has the black cloth interior , Its a hell of a lot of car and spares for the money . Really is a great car I could break it and make a lot of money but it's too good for that would rather see it go to a good home I will upload more pictures if requested I'm taking it to stanfordhall show today so if anyone is interested feel free to come and have a look in the sale section , if you can't make it perhaps another member could have a nose round the car for you
  9. Easy way to tell is if you have just one pad wearing down a lot quicker than the other 3 , that's how I noticed it anyway
  10. Mine had one since I got the car tried all different things to solve it , found out it was my front ns brake calliper playing up .
  11. I have 2 corrados one comes up at 45 and the other at around 56 . I think the official speed was supposed to be around 70 mph but was changed so we can show off to people in lesser cars without breaking the speed limit lol
  12. Today I lost my keys and alarm fob :( so now own a corrado paper weight
  13. Steve .We have an aqua blue and a tornado red corrado , my misses Sheila usually makes the teas and coffees when were at the unit . Used to help run mdc too a while ago. Mines got a tappetty sound when cold Matt said not to worry about it but if your unsure just nip down and see him so he can have a listen
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