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  1. I've been a (quiet) member for years. I dropped off for the last few years and the Corrado hasn't had much attention recently. I'm hoping to give the Corrado a bit more attention next year and be more active on here. I still recognise some of the old names from over 10 years ago! Sent from my SM-G770F using Tapatalk
  2. I'll take the Karmannski rep gutter rail trims please
  3. Anyone in need of a late VR6 accelerator cable? I believe it is part number 536-721-555E. Used, but in good condition. £15 posted to the UK.
  4. Anyone interested for £15 including postage?
  5. VR6 K&N panel filter and 2x recharge kits for sale. The filter is used but in good condition. One recharge kit is new, the other is used but can probably be used for another recharge. £25 including postage in UK.
  6. Unfortunately the air-con hasn't worked for many years! I replaced the condenser a while back and a few of the hoses, the compressor kicks in correctly but the fans don't start. It's a wiring, relay or sensor issue but I couldn't figure it out. I'm planning on finally getting it fixed before next summer! Thanks for the comments all. The photo probably flatters it though.
  7. Been a while since I updated my progress on here! I'm pretty pleased with how the Corrado is looking now following a front end respray and a repair to the small rust spot on the rear window. I also stripped out the interior and gave all the leather and carpet a good clean. I re-dyed the passenger seat using a kit from furniture clinic. It's not perfect, but looks almost like new. I need to re-dye/refurbish the drivers seat in the near future as it is looking very tired. I'm hoping to see if I can find a solution for the bolsters at the same time. I completed lots of small jobs while the interior was out including replacing the blown front speakers and fitting a small Pioneer under seat sub from a previous car (I installed it in the boot). It is sounding a lot better but the rear speakers are blown and need replacing too. I still have a long to-do list, but the Corrado is looking pretty tidy now. I've had quite a few compliments including the body shop and MOT test centre.
  8. It was quite a tight seal and took some persuasion. I managed to pull it out a little using the vacuum pipe connector. Once pulled out a few mm, there was clearance to get a screwdriver down the back to lever the rest of it out. My old one had a bit of dirt on the back, it's probably placebo effect but the engine seems to pull better after replacing it.
  9. Nice and easy! Remove the fuel pump fuse and let the car run till it stops, releave the pressure and drain the fuel from the fuel rail using the drain plug (small allen key) on the opposite end of the fuel rail, then remove clip and pull out the old FPR.
  10. Just a quick update...I've been using the Corrado lots recently. It has probably done more mileage in the last 3 months than it did all of last year! I had it apart again recently to replace the slave fan bearings which were getting very noisy! A satisfying job and the fan is nice and quiet now. I also replaced the fuel pressure regulator. I had the fuel pressure regulator sitting in the garage from previous running issues but never got round to swapping it. The battery was also on it's last legs so I swapped it with a Bosch S5. The rear tyre valves were perishing, so I had them replaced today ahead of the MOT tomorrow! Finger's crossed :)
  11. Roger, see my post on the aircon thread. I managed to get the original parts as replacements.
  12. They are the same symptoms I had when my ISV failed. I am on my second ISV now (had my Corrado for over 10 years) and both times it had the same sympoms. Probably not easy, but it may be worth borrowing a known good ISV to prove if yours is faulty.
  13. I'm interested in the wishbones if they are in reasonable condition. Would you be able to get a photo?
  14. Mrinjector.co.uk, it was just under £100
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