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  1. I've used Irwin easy out socket in the past, work really well. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Irwin-Bolt-Grip-Remover-Expansion/dp/B000QW6K8I
  2. MattPc

    ABS pump vr6

    I had the same last week, when I let the fluid drain out of the pump, whilst replacing the rear calipers. After it had shown 00273 code, this was resolved by re bleeding the pump and activating the pump.
  3. I have the MK3 Golf 288's on my VR6, I've had no issues with them
  4. Do you know what car have the calipers come from?
  5. I've done two Timing chains now, always purchased OEM parts from VW dealer in Chelmsford. heres a link to the list of parts that I purchased with a screen shot from ETKA. My 'kit' cost me £234.01 2 years ago. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=72577&highlight=timing+chain Matt
  6. fla, I have just sent money over for 1x set of VR6 70 litre tank straps (Non polished if possible) Many thanks for organising this Matt
  7. hi, im still after the dash and associated bits if you have them?im not sure if my private message function is working as i have sent a few messages but no reply. thanks! dan

  8. I have a late dash with air vents and ducting going spare. Matt
  9. Any update on these tank straps, and if we can get the extra plate Matt
  10. I have a spare VR6 loom, can you confirm if it is either the headlight loom or the radiator fan loom. Matt
  11. Bolts should be a stock item as they're still used on current models. Make sure when you re install and torque the bolts up that there is NO grease in the threads, The correct torque is 45Nm (33lb-ft), and if you really want to be anal you can also lock wire them, but make sure that is done correctly. Matt
  12. You maybe able to send the guarantee card off with the original receipt of purchase, then make your claim
  13. The letters and numbers are dots rather than a solid line, e.g. :.: : rather than U i
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