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  1. Hi Kerrly, the box is together for £20. I just thought the final drive may be the most desirable bit :)
  2. 3.68 Final Drive (in 16v gearbox) 16v Corrado gearbox from the red Valver that CazzaVR and Vornwend were breaking last year. Gearbox is ok afaik however its missing the shift tower and I only took it as I wanted the final drive for my VR (which I never fitted :( ) List Date: 4/22/2014 Location: Gloucester, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: 3.68 Final Drive (in 16v gearbox) -------------------------------------- SOLD -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: 3.68 Final Drive (in 16v gearbox) Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  3. The front bolts are 130nm, the rears (the shorter bolt) are 80nm. Both front and rear lower arm bolts are 130nm. Antiroll bar nuts are 25nm, clamp bolts are 25nm.
  4. Hey guys, I have received a used Samsung Galaxy S4 addressed to me which I know nothing about. It's boxed and in good condition. I signed for it at the Royal Mail depot and opened it when I got home. Having found out what it was I took it back expecting Royal Mail to be able to contact the sender as it was recorded delivery with signature but they could only tell me it came from the Leeds depot. I'm stumped? Any ideas?
  5. If you take the snorkel out of the standard airbox you have yourself an OEM CDA. It sounds awesome and won't affect your insurance.
  6. Whats the deal with non Corrado's Andy? I'm still CCGB registered!
  7. Rear seal is gearbox off. Fronts just aux belt and pulley off afaik.
  8. It's a gem of a cooling system eh? ;) Nice work sorting it.
  9. Bargain of the gigaannum!
  10. lewvw

    new car

    What was wrong with the Miltek? Awesome car, I test drove a DSG mk5 R32 and the blips on the downshifts....oh my!
  11. I know what you mean with this, I took coilovers off and had to lever the lower arm down quite a bit to get the original struts into the hub, I had powerflex bushes on the front and rear of the lower arm and thought that might be why. Anyhow to answer your question no you do not need to compress the springs to fit the struts. Might be worth slackening the front arm bolts though as i'm sure that helped.
  12. It's mad isn't it? A recon head for £150 delivered! Good to see you've got the Bilsteins on Ian! Looking good, lots of progress made.
  13. Elring is fine Ian, oe quality stuff. That's what I had.
  14. lewvw

    174bhp 16v

    I think you need a bit more than an abf with kr head for that kind of power?
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