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  1. To answer my own question of whether Jabba Sports would be interested in investigating the VR6 engine - that would be a no. Popped in there today. Also popped in my usual local garage, who suggested that the longer I left it the more likely it would be to fail on emissions in the MOT. Have they got a point? (That got me a little worried.)
  2. My mileage is around 135k. Used daily, oil level checked regularly, and I make sure I keep on top of servicing and anything it needs. It does smoke a bit, but I don't really have enough spare cash for rebuilding. So - probably safe to leave it for now, I guess?
  3. That's good to know. I was worried I might be causing more problems by "ignoring" it. Cheers.
  4. And money is a bit of a problem at the moment, so if it comes to the crunch it might be sell rather than fix. Which would not make me a happy chappie.
  5. he heh! It is indeed. But am I just creating more damage, or making things worse by ignoring it? Or is it ok to live with?
  6. Lots of miles; using it as a daily (which I feel guilty about).
  7. It's definitely putting out some smoke from the exhaust. No oil leaks, so it's being burnt up somewhere. I guess it's difficult to tell before it's investigated, but I don't suppose anyone's got a rough guide of cost for likely solutions?! (And, linked to this, does anyone know if Jabba Sports would be a suitable helper? They're not far from me.) Cheers
  8. My Storm is burning oil. What are my realistic options, other than topping it up (which is my current method)? Using about 1/2 litre a month. Ta in advance
  9. Ah. If they'd damaged my paintwork, then I'd definitely have put in a claim!
  10. Not sure it's worth it for something so small? Anyway - I've got hold of one and fitted it (without breaking anything, for a change!). Cheers all Nitsypee
  11. My friendly RAC man snapped my seat lever when trying to start my car last week. It's the side lever that folds the seat forward - the black plastic side bit was snapped off. He glued it, but that wasn't good enough. Anyone got one?! Ta in advance
  12. Ta. I'll order one then. The RAC man was a fan of the corrado, by the way!
  13. Hi all A helpful RAC chap has just told me that my Storm needs a new ignition switch. I've just been looking on VW Heritage and it looks like they've got the basic ignition switch in stock: Ignition Switch, Mk2 Golf/ Corrado/ T4 90-03 > Corrado 1988-1995 Part Number: 6N0905865 I just wanted to check with you guys though - this switch will still be compatible with the factory immobiliser built into the key, won't it? Thanks
  14. It'd be a 964 for me. Over 10 years ago I owned a 911sc. Awesome machine. Nowadays the price of anything aircooled has moved into "lottery win" territory for me, unfortunately. A 996, or more likely a Boxster, is the only realistic option for me nowadays. They just don't make 'em how they used to, though...
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