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  1. Congrats mate, awesome work....always surreal to see your car outside once its been tucked up for a long while
  2. Be interesting to see some live data whilst disconnecting / swapping bit out
  3. Awesome reply fella!....will let you know how i get on
  4. that's good to know. The coil overs on my car are literally disintegrating, I just want to get somethings thats fit and forget, i mean often does the average joe really adjust coil overs? My only concern is the extra gubbins needed to go back to non coil overs, do you get all the bits in the Koni kit? or do you need extra parts? also wheres a good place to purchase all the bits from Cheers
  5. Great work chap...hats off to you!
  6. Amazing work chap! crazy attention to detail 🙏
  7. Inspirational work mate....makes me want to pull my finger out and get mine sorted Also thinking of going down the Koni / H&R route...how are you finding the ride height?
  8. All sorted now...massive thanks to Yanmack for sorting out some A1 parts 🙂
  9. Cheers, guess prices have certainly shot up lol
  10. Ive picked up another project, and dont want to have multiple cars, space becomes and issue lol. Problem is I have sunk a fortune into the black one, its a basically a new engine...literally. The engine was the new old engine that was stripped and inspected, mew seals, gaskets, chains etc etc, all new sensors, stands me at a few quid
  11. DM me images and price please
  12. Cheers he's got nowt in stock 😞 No blackberry VR, still got the black schirck/supercharged VR (https://the-corrado.net/topic/84662-new-project-vr6-supercharged/page/3/#comments) which I am contemplating breaking tbh
  13. Cheers fellas images appreciated. I have hankering for OEM look 🙂
  14. Hopefully sorted cover wise...still looking for an unmolested VR6 air filter housing and std steering wheel....im sure the list will expand lol
  15. 😞 Desperate time.... I have been off here for a while
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