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  1. Hi all, Decided to let my speaker pods go, as im not that much into speakers tbh...starting at 99p :), im not expecting a super sale as these are not audioscape pods, but will no doubt make a wecome addtion to someones car regardless https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194263174700
  2. Cheers, been a usefull chat 🙂 i really do need to find the tweeter holders now!
  3. Cheers, will trim it up, msgd Pete as wel ;)....mine defo is the same casing but appears to have been modded, or as mentioned is a prototype?
  4. Cheers might just do that, having a quick measure again it looks like these will need a 7" speaker cover so 6.5" speaker, assume all audioscapes are built for 6.5" speakers?
  5. No speaker grills it had some dyno audio speakers fitted with replacement grills......I had a set of matching tweeter holders as well, cant seem to find them though, they went on the top of the door here: lol wonder if these were protoypes
  6. Yep, the external seems to be fibreglass with mdf internal + some kind of wood filler , the finish on the covering is spot on looks 100%
  7. Right defo Corrado.....appear to be not as felted 🙂 on the inside
  8. Right dug mine out of the garage and gave them a clean, they look slighlty different to the ebay ones....did nyone else make late door pods?
  9. Damn best get my set listed 🙂
  10. Thats the one thing that leaked lol..new rubber seal on order
  11. Cheers all...defo an emotional moment 🙂 Missus first statement...so this means you'll be spending less time in the garage lol
  12. Pleased to say we have another Corrado back on the road 🙂 Started first turn...that was a relief! Few more jobs still to do, but motivated now I can drive it...next on the list Bodywork sorted wheels redone New brake lines all round, rear (R32) vented disc conversion and front (TT) 312mm I will also likely be changing the lights back to stock
  13. check ISV wirng, mine had cracks and was shorting, leading to erratic idiling
  14. Design wise I went for the easy option :), edges are sealed using a high temp seal, figured this would help with any vibration as well. Fams are also mounted on rubber washers. left some gaps at the bottom of the fans though for drainage and debris etc.
  15. Appears to have stopped leaking, rechecked the sump bolts corener ones were not torqed 100% not optmoisitc...time will tell
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