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  1. Hi not posted on here for a a while, however, I am moving house and I found a Bentley work shop manual I had from when I had my Corrado. I have no chance of getting another Corrado any time so I might as well sell this very useful book to someone who can get some use out of it. It is in used condition, few marks and a few crinkly pages near the back, but in no way does it effect the information in the book. I remember this costing me a fair old whack when I bought it so offering it for £50 including postage. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-_DB1C4EzwvNFZrNlROeVlTQjJxUFNZME5RYmxucUhTNnFj/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-_DB1C4EzwveHQyekloYkZ2YVJfOGRrbDRQOWR3UTZxdlFj/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-_DB1C4EzwvaUprdjN1X0FPSG43T0lyMUVWZXdycnZOVTNR/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-_DB1C4EzwvRVV5eUtyR2ZzZGxMd2p2R1pQZC16bHVwM2dv/view?usp=sharing Thanks Sam
  2. No these are all from a vr6 unfortunately
  3. I will let you know when I'm back. Lilfuzzer Chris did say he would take it first so I think he will get first dibs??? If not you will have to fight it out between yourselves! First come first served!
  4. If nobody can come collect by tomorrow then we can arrange collection when I get back no problem.
  5. Hi Chris , Can you get down before Tuesday at all???? I'm going away for 2 weeks on wednesday that's all. Cheers, Sam
  6. Job Lot Vr6 Engine Parts - Garage Clearout Job lot of VR6 parts ? Garage Clear Out! Right, had to clear out my parents garage and get rid of all my spares. I had planned to build another vr6 but that aint happening now. There are some good parts here and could be helpful if doing a rebuild yourself or thinking of building a spare vr6. Here?s a list of what?s there: ABV Block - Good crankshaft and lower timing gear still installed. Bores are worn on this block so would be ok for a re-bore. I left the crank in place on this to prevent it from getting damaged and It has been oiled periodically to prevent any rust from building up on it. Oil pump had only done a few thousand miles. AAA Bare Block ? Ideal to have cleaned up and machine, bored out to take the Corrado pistons. Corrado 2.9 Pistons and Rods ? All were measured a while back and are all good and within tolerance. Cylinder Head ? Complete with camshafts. Was rebuilt and fitted for a few thousand miles on my old engine. Would benefit from a strip down and clean or full re-furb. Spare Crankshaft ? Needs refurb. 3 Flywheels - Surface rust Engine Wiring Loom ? Complete Loads of HT leads. Coolant hoses. 12 injectors ? ideal for re-furbing CCM Code gearbox from mkiii golf Golf Intake Manifold 2 Aux Belt Tensioners 2 dipsticks, water pump, timing chain engine covers, crank pulley, sprockets, lower intake manifolds, a few engine sensors, starter motor, brackets and lots of bolts and clips etc. What you see in the photos is what you get! and more! The two blue boxes are very sturdy and very handy are included in the sale ? probably worth ?20 on their own! There will be some more Corrado parts added too which are not in the photos, these are at my house, I cant remember exactly whats there but I know there is a vr6 master cylinder, and servo, maybe an alternator and some engine sensors. 3 brand new genuine sets of piston rings. Will update when I dig them out. Need all this gone sharpish, Don?t know what to price this lot at so let?s say ?100 OR Best Offer! Buyer must collect ALL parts, not just the best ones! Thanks, Sam List Date: 6/21/2015 Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: Job Lot Vr6 Engine Parts - Garage Clearout -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?100.00 (Local Pickup Only) -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Job Lot Vr6 Engine Parts - Garage Clearout Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  7. Have you had it up above the 3.5k rev range yet? That's where the vr6 is at it's happiest!! I had a gruppe M induction kit on it at one point and that was a very nice roar! But I think the standard airbox works the best, keeps all that hot air away from the intake.
  8. I have always used ROCOL Sapphire bearing grease, Blue in colour, never had any issues.
  9. Glad you are happy with it mate. It definatley is one of the best colours! You mentioned the lights not having the uprated loom, I never had a problem with the lights as they are not too bad with decent lamps in them. The wipers are pretty crap, as someone mentioned the best way is to use a rain repellent, hardly use the wipers then. I kind of miss it already! I will probably be back in a Corrado at some point you never know!
  10. Well the Corrado has now gone to a good home, Sold today to Andy (Hairyarse). Hopefully get it back to its former glory! Gone but not forgotten!
  11. Ice Grey Violet VR6 For Sale Needs TLC Reluctant sale of my Corrado, I have been trying to hold on to it but it needs to go now due to a family car being required! And I cant justify running 3 cars! The Corrado has seen very little use in the last 4 years due to other cars and busy with house projects etc. so the mileage has not gone up much. When I first bought the car I kept a log of things I had done but that died at death the back end of 2010 when I lost enthusiasm/became occupied elsewhere and the log was kind of forgotten. It is attached to show what work before 2010 I had done, some of which may have been reversed now as the car is pretty much back to standard form. So the car is being sold as a project really in need of some TLC. Good points: Owned the car since February 2008. MOT runs out April 2015 Tax runs out April 2015 New Battery fitted 6 months ago. All 3 keys present. All electrics working. Engine rebuild at 136445 miles. (SEE BUILD THREAD) Now on just over 141000. Had new genuine VW Denso Radiator fitted in August 2010. Had new genuine VW Heater matrix fitted in August 2010 also. Just had an oil and air filter change. I service the car myself and it had a new oil filter and oil 2 months ago. Had rear beam removed and new bushes in last few years. Comes with 2 spare freshly powder coated Speedlines and used tyres. Interior is black cloth, no rips/tears/fag burns anywhere. Upgrades: Mocal Oil Cooler 288mm Brake set up from late mk3 Golf Vr6 DubPower cat back system Genuine Corrado Oil and Volt gauges Has a period pioneer stereo. Bad Points: See pictures. Under bonnet foam is in need of replacement BUT I have a kit from the group buy on here. Drivers side cill had a rust hole in it and has been repaired ? new metal was welded in and filled and is currently just primed. Requires painting professionally. General body work issues associated with a 20 year old car on mostly original paint. Stone chips to front slam panel and bumber and bonnet. Small scratch on sunroof. Small bubbles of rust beginning to appear in various places on the car. Drivers door has corrosion on in side of door shut. Nothing major though, all panels are solid and In my opinion if these are caught fairly soon to stop the spread of rust then they will be fine. apart from the door which may need replacing. Mechanically the car is sound, engine pulls strong and doesn't use any water or burn oil. One thing maybe worth mentioning is that it seems to have developed a lazy tappet on initial start up which does not concern me at all. The 12V VR6 engine is far from refined and doesn't like being rudely awoken in my experience!! The alarm system does not work as there is no loudspeaker under the bonnet. However the full closure and central locking all work off the keys. I have put pictures on below that were taken roughly 6 months ago but I will take some more this week of the car and interior. So a nice little project car for someone with the time and space. Wish I could keep it and get it resprayed. Love the colour. Car is located in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. ?1500 is the lowest price I could take which I think is very reasonable. Thanks List Date: 1/11/2015 Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: Ice Grey Violet VR6 For Sale Needs TLC -------------------------------------- SOLD -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Ice Grey Violet VR6 For Sale Needs TLC Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  12. If there is no grub screw then this will be an interference fit or possibly a shrink fit. With a key on the shaft. My advice would be to heat up the gear and pull using pullers.
  13. Just the ABS pump and ECU, and the clocks available now. Open to offers on both. Thanks, Sam
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