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  1. Maybe not in the immediate future but you know what Corrado ownership is like! Yours is looking good Sean!
  2. Hello, again, they always come back! I thought I would pop in and see if my old car is still around and it looks like it is! It's a shame that I can't post in the original thread though, has the forum gone subscription based and been killed off to more casual users?
  3. You can modify a mk3 one into a Corrado light and then you have to do a bit of electrical wiring to get it to work. Unfortunately I can't remember details as it was a few years ago now but I know it can be done! I have up looking for the passant light in the end, they are impossible to find.
  4. I'm surprised this is still a problem! I still don't trust eibach or bilstein based on my experiences of their customer service skills.
  5. Can you dig down and have one of those cool lifts? Best of both worlds.
  6. My single is 6 x 3 internally and I wouldn't want smaller for the mk2 with space to work around it.
  7. Ive had 2 vr6 Corrados and now have a mk2. I don't know what it is but I just prefer the Golf. It handles really well but I found it wonders about on the motorway compared to the Corrado, not sure if there is a difference in wheelbase or not?
  8. Sean_Jaymo


    Gas one. As said above, don't go gasless.
  9. Sean_Jaymo


    The Clark 150 Turbo is good. I've had mine a few years and I love it. Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, they fit well and flush but arches need rolling slightly or fit stretched tyres. I used to have a set but Mic_vr still has his fitted. Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  11. VW still sell them I believe, about £50
  12. There we go then. Decision made! He stays another year!
  13. No one actually leaves Jim. Welcome to the hotel Cali-rado!
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