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  1. OK mate. I'll dig it out tomorrow, make sure it's complete etc.
  2. Looking to get mine refreshed so this is useful. Will get a quote 👍
  3. I was keeping it for a special occasion but I believe I have an unmolested VR airbox in the garage…. If you can’t find one I’ll give it up 😬
  4. Looking amazing mate. Putting in some serious effort here!
  5. Let’s see if this works…. Yes mate. All good intentions then all of a sudden it’s another mot and I’ve done 1500 miles and no jobs! Must be a better Corrado owner… 😂
  6. Hey mate, great minds! I came on here earlier and it's a shame it's not more popular. I think we could bring it back, it's so much better for tracking conversations
  7. I've been reading back through this thread.... man I talked some crap! 🤣 Feel a bit bad about how often I thought of selling up, but I'm feeling inspired to get him back to his best. I'll sort some pics of how he currently stands and the work I'm trying to do
  8. After the discussion on FB the other day about the forum names/real names I thought I'd come on and see when I last updated Mincy's thread. Still alive, currently undergoing a refresh of the braking system and hopefully new rear beam, front crossmember, subframe etc. over winter. Hope you're all well. BRING BACK THE FORUM!! 🤣
  9. mic_VR

    Anti fog products

    If it clears fine once up to temp I’d be tempted to grab a couple of de-humidity bags and leave them in the car. I leave one on the dash (make sure it’s on a cloth so it doesn’t mark) and it works wonders.
  10. Welcome! The restrictions are there to stop people posting to the for sale section. If you just want to start a thread about your car your able to from the start.
  11. “I’ve just been out for a drive in the ‘rado and it’s running perfectly”
  12. Good work mate, you'll sort it i'm sure of that
  13. Hi Rob I'd be very interested in a set of protectors. Could you also send me prices of the bits you have? Cheers
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