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  1. MASSIVE apologies to everyone that commented above, 3 months ago..... I originally posted this late on a Friday night and lets just say I errr kind of forgot I'd done it 😁😇 Cheers for all of the comments Cressa, nice to make your aquaintance. Engine wise the car is pretty good, its had chains, cams, tappets etc and is only on 95k miles. Its slightly down on compression though so figured a skim and new head gasket wouldn't hurt. If you have contact at Notts for paint and can remember what you coated your chassis with be great to know 🙂 I have seen that silver 16v Corrado in Bakewell for years, he must have had his for as long as I have had mine if not longer (so 21 years plus). Love the fact he still dailys it! It does need a recommission. I used to rate DG Automotive but think he has gone off to get a 9-5 at JLR and Stealth Racing/Vince is great but just a bit far away and be great to have someone local I could go to. JBR are pretty local in Chesterfield, but also pretty expensive and not sure how much they specialise in the older stuff now. Decent recommendations for where to take it are most welcome from anyone! Wheels and suspension wise I want lightest stuff possible as have been down the other route for looks and its a ride/drive killer. May look at some companies that do custom fitment forged stuff and can get what I want then but in the right offset and in a 16 inch. Again love to see more of whats already out there though. Good to see a few old (hey Dox) and newfaces on here (hey Keyo) still. Not quite the buzz of activity that it used to be, but I guess that is to be expected, imagine a few Corrados have been butchered to keep the survivors going over the last few years 😞 Now I have remembered about the Forum again, I will try and drop in more frequently anyway. Cheers everyone 🍻 Oh and Matt or Leonard is fine (when you come from a small town you often need an alter ego!)
  2. Hi everyone Been a while (a decade....?) since I was last on here regularly, so thought Id join the Newbies again 😄 Hope there are still a few old faces on here, as well as lots of new ones 🙂 This is really lazy and I have been browsing the forum for answers, I promise! But was hoping to get some constructive input into a recommission + of the old VR after it being off the road since circa 2012. I don't mind spending decent money (up to £15kish) to get all of this done properly so its done and dusted for many years. Therefore keen to make it as good as it can be now using best parts available now and improve and enhance the original car without ruining the overall package. Even though my car isnt a shed, I know it would probably be cheaper to buy a car that has already been restored, but then it wouldn't be my car 🙂 I'm based in Derbyshire and the car is currently stored near Newark, but I don't mind travelling to have decent work carried out. Used DG and Stealth in the past and very happy with the work from both parties. Is DG still trading? Had a look online but cannot see anything to say that they are... This is my tick list and I'm wanting the best modern performance solution for each stage. I imagine that a few things have changed in regards to what was considered the best back in the day and what is now. Although saying that I also imagine that the Corrado isn't supported by many brands anymore and so the choice of parts may actually be more limited than it was!? If there are any other must haves that I haven't listed below, please shout 🙂 Bodywork - This will need some attention as last time I looked the front wings were rusting (again..) and I need the rust/rot sorting around the fuel filler cap (don't know how deep this goes) Is anyone making modern replacement panels for these areas now, or is it still a case of patching/buying second hand? - The paint isnt in bad condition so possibly salvageable with a decent 2/3 stage polish. If anyone has recommendations of a decent bodywork specialist that can do a full bare metal respray sub 5k please let me know as may consider it. Chassis - Would like to get all of the chassis components blasted and powder coated and re-bushed. Again looking for recommendations of where to take it. - Probably replace fuel tank and the strap that holds it. Are these still available, pretty sure someone had started making the retaining straps again. Suspension - This is probably the most important bit for me to get right. I live in the Peak District and the roads are brilliant to drive, but very variable. Therefore I'm not bothered about looks or stance, it has to perform. Car currently has Koni struts with Eibach springs and I have always regretted fitting them as they simply don't offer enough compliance. So what is the latest greatest shock set for the road that maximises ride comfort and performance within the limitations of the Corrado chassis? Interior - Interior is still pretty good, just needs a bit of a clean. Has leather Recaros and few ABT bits. Only thing I may do in the future is retrim it as the original leather isn't amazing quality. Icing on the cake stuff though! Am I missing anything though, any new must haves to bring it more up to date without losing the character? Engine - Is a little tired, probably needs a head gasket at least. Currently running Schimmel 263's and a VW Motorsport VSR, BMC airbox with remap. In two minds whether to just go through the engine and get it to a reliable 215-220bhp NA or add a Supercharger. I imagine turbo charging is the main route for forced induction now, but I don't think I want to go to all of that expense as wouldn't want more than 280bhp and would like any mods to be reversible if I ever want to put back to 'standard'. Is there a modern Supercharger solution that is reliable? Or we still looking at the VF stuff? - Anything else I should be considering here? Brakes - I have some rebuilt VW 312 calipers and discs ready to go on with some Goodridge hoses. Are there any recommended lightweight modern solutions though? Transmission - Gearshift seems incredibly long compared to modern motors. So short shift required as a minimum. Considered shortening the gear ratios as well, but would like to use comfortably on long journeys if required. - LSD, meant to fit one of these for the 21 years I have owned the car! What is the general consensus now on best product for the job, Quaiffe, Wavetrac, Peloquin??? Exhaust - Currently has an old Scorpion system, thinking may get a custom one made to fit though to get the best of whatever engine mods I end up doing. Recomendations? Wouldnt mind something in Titanium... Wheels - So hard to find the right wheels for the Corrado! Still have the original and currently fitted with 17 inch 3 piece OZ Futuras which look great but are way too heavy for the car. So thinking either originals or something ultra light in 16 inch to work in harmony with suspension. All suggestions welcome, although this is probably one of easier things to source and is always a matter of individual taste. Anyone in UK that offers 3 piece ultralight wheels? Think that covers it for now, feel free to tell me to use the search button 😄 but I am genuinely interested to hear what you would all recommend now if you were building the ultimate C in an Alfaholics/Singer style (just without the 100k + budget lol) Cheers Matt
  3. That is looking sooooo nice. Cannot wait to see the interior :) Always had soft spot for the RC's
  4. 335i is a proper piece of kit. Corrado felt properly old school giving it a blast for the first time properly yesterday. Steering felt terrible LOL. I either need to change the wheels and suspension out or just learn to cruise :D 335i is ruined by the run flats, but I dont know how long I will have it for so dont want to go to expense of swapping them out (not with 255/30/19's on back anyway!) Drive train is sublime though. Everyone should go test drive an M135i so you can experience how a twin scroll turbo on a 3.0L 6 makes it seem like an NA power plant. Picks up from 1200rpm with no lag and pulls all way to redline with a nice bit of engine noise. Plus I am averaging 30.3mpg which cant be bad for 300+bhp! Got a test drive in a M235i booked for a couple weeks time so that should be better still! :)
  5. Looking at this makes me realise life could be a lot worse :)
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Corrado-VR6-2-9-Silver-VSR-Schrick-Recaro-Speedline-Vento-Cup-Alloys-Alpine-/131131384246?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item1e880a21b6
  7. Water pumps are prone to going bad and leaking, been source of all my coolant leaks in past
  8. Yes think that is why I like them look like the classic Borbet C Corrado wheel, but with a touch more aggression/style being 2 or 3 piece
  9. Dont suppose anyone has anything that they no longer require......... :) Thanks Matt
  10. Joys of Corrado ownership! LOL They get under your skin though, 13 years and counting on mine.... I was based in Matlock until recently where are you? Welcome to the forum anyway Matt
  11. That looks like a lovely install, bet you are well chuffed. Video.......? :)
  12. Lovely story :D Look forward to seeing what you do to the old girl Welcome
  13. Original Speedlines do look good in a shiny silver, but you have to have the car quite low to have them look really good. No good for me as a weekend driver, although may try them for a while and revel in the 15 inch performance Quite like the look of these, no idea what they are or weight though....
  14. Yes their are some lovely Jap wheels that almost fit straight off but not quite LOL (normally centre bore) Love the Volks
  15. Nice one Kev certainly a consideration, shame they dont do silver and a 7.5J
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