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  1. Wow, i can think of a lot of other cars i'd rather buy with £40k!
  2. Lovely blackberry it was too! I think it was Stanford Hall - guessing you'd sold up by then otherwise I'd have been picking your brain over turbos all day :lol: BBS RS301 which is a Corrado fitment IIRC - very nice, but not cheap! haha, if more G60s turned up then maybe there would have been more picture to take :) Seems that even back then there weren't too many attending shows Hope you're well mate! You back in a(-nother) corrado? :) I remember, how are you doing? Glad to hear you've still got yours, actually one of my favourites! That test drive probably did vag hag no favours as he told he went turbo shortly after :lol: I'm back in a turbo again, but alas no longer a corrado or VAG for that matter. I've just linked the pictures from an external site (flickr) using BBcode. I think the actual corrado forum attachment thingy is broken though. Nick
  3. I'll try to dig out some more from elsewhere. Interested to hear who was here and if you're still with a Corrado, or what you've replaced it with etc.
  4. Just downloaded everything from my photobucket due to them being absolute sh*t these days and re-hosted elsewhere. Found a lot of old pictures from past CCGB and other shows including GTI International and Motorsport at the Palace, etc. so I thought i'd share them here. Who is who? I certainly do remember some cars :) Apologies if some pics appear squished more to follow...
  5. Why not a Corrado forum annual meet, with entry admission? I don't actually know the costs associated with running a forum for a year so disregard if my suggestion is stupid. I'm not sure if a paid only forum is a good idea
  6. I still check in every now and then, even though I sold up a few years back. I'll always be a massive Corrado fan so it's nice to check out the latest build threads and whatnot, although it has slowed down a bit as of late. Maybe I should update mine :lol: there'll be zero Corrado content though. As for ED38... I rarely ever posted there, but I did buy a lot of decent parts over the years, so it's a shame it has gone.
  7. Think this was the event? (PS - due to photobucket f*ckery, the pics might not work)
  8. I went to a Castle Combe CCGB meet a few years ago, possibly for the 25th anniversary? Someone who remembers me might be able to verify :) I had a Green Storm Turbo (it may have been supercharged back then though). Happy days. I sold it about a year after, my journey with the car was done. I don't think there was much of the car left that hadn't been tinkered with! Still miss it sometimes, but it's gone to great home and still being well care for as far as I know These days I'm pottering around in a disgusting Japanese piece of awesomeness :norty: Each to their own :lol: Nick
  9. Awesome. I've been tempted to get another project car, and have looked into these Replaced my VRT with a diesel :lol: I believe it's just me getting old
  10. Glad this is still being loved!
  11. Oh no! I vaguely remember him telling me now you mention it - whoops :) Nice to see you're still in a Corrado, I haven't really replaced mine yet... seen and tested a few cars where I've been 90% close to pulling the trigger but I'm far too indecisive. Oh well, the diesel economy in the mean time is a welcome change
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