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  1. Cheers guys! Well the heritage stuff has gone back. Good riddance! Thanks for the eBay contact delfinis38! Hopefully I'll either be able to get some direct or if there's a second group buy I'll get on that...
  2. Hi guys, Just bought myself some of this sound proofing from Heritage (having missed the group buy a couple of years ago). https://www.vwheritage.com/search/?act=search.searchResults&sType=quick&maxDisplayRows=15&searchText=Corrado+bonnet+sound+proofing&btnSearch= Wondered if anyone has used it on their car on here, and to what degree of success? I'm not very happy with the quality of it tbh. Looks nothing like the original stuff... Visible side is black, dimpled vinyl, and underside looks like old-fashioned padding made using recycled, beige string. Can't see it suiting the Corrado at all. Would look more at home on a Triumph Herald! I'm thinking of returning it and continuing to look around for a suitable alternative... Thoughts welcome Thanks, Kev
  3. Money sent. Pm'd address... Thanks
  4. Hi Gus. Yeah it is a little misleading, but typical of these online ordering companies. It is definitely the right hand drive part if you've used the part number that ends in 31. The left hand drive part is the same but ends in 30 so you're safe. Cheers
  5. It didn't have a brand on it John, it had a VW part number stamped into one of the pipes though (1H2819031A) but I'm pretty sure it isn't a genuine part. It looks exactly the same as this snide one from Euro's... Thanks diarmaid16 that's spot on! Got it ordered. Will post pic up when it arrives and compare it to this EIS one from Euro's. Hopefully it'll be money well spent... Thanks again for your help guys. Much appreciated!
  6. Hi Steve, great job! Can I put my name down for batch no.2? Standard green outers and red/blue middle. Thanks, Kev
  7. Cheers for the part number John! I'll keep looking around. I've put a pic up of the problem I described above in case anyone else has the same problem in future... The top matrix is the Hella/Behr one from GSF (£47.64) and the bottom one is the EIS one from Euro's (£20). If you look closely at the angle of the plastic plate on the pipes you'll see that they are different. The Hella one will not fit into the heater box without excessive force and the plate is angled wrong to fit against the bulkhead when it is in place inside the heater box. The cheaper EIS one is a good fit and the plate is on the correct angle once fitted into the heater box. Just wish I could find a hella or valeo unit that was the correct fit as this EIS one looks pretty poor quality tbh... [ATTACH=CONFIG]78676[/ATTACH]
  8. Thanks for the reply guys! it turns out that the Hella ones supplied from GSF are wrong! Although it's listed as a Corrado VR6 Heater Matrix on their website, it's actually for a MK3 Golf! Seems the website is wrong..... The plastic plate that sits behind the bulkhead was on completely the wrong angle, and the matrix itself didn't quite fit into the heater box... Anyway, long story short, I took the old unit to Euro's today and they did a search from the VW part number on it and it's the cheap EIS one that is the correct fit. It is exactly the same part that came out of the car (which has been in about 5 years, with very limited use) minus the part number being stamped on the plastic. It looks identical to the eBay Febi-Bilstein ones that are for sale for £35. Does anyone know if there is an alternative brand available from anywhere else? I'd sooner chuck this one in the bin if there is a better alternative out there for more money. Don't wanna have this again in another few years... Thanks, Kev
  9. Hi guys, just had the dreaded heater matrix disaster whilst the car was in for its MOT! Tried getting a genuine part but they've been obsolete for a while now I believe. So that left me with a choice of Euro Car Parts or GSF... Euro are selling a part manufactured by EIS (£29.46), if anybody is familiar with them..? And GSF offer a standard (own brand) or a Premium brand (manufactured by Hella). Priced £33.00 and £47.64 respectively. I went for the GSF Premium one on the logic that the dearer part would probably be the better product... Just wondered if anybody has had one of these in the past and knows if it's likely to last a while as the last thing I need is to have the car in bits again in another couple of years! Thanks, Kev
  10. Great pics there Mark! I can see mine there so thanks a lot :dance: Is it sad that I recognise it from the manifold?
  11. Hi guys, I've just changed the speakers in the parcel shelf (6x9s) back to standard (6x4s) and they worked when testing individually but now they're all connected, only the front right is working. I hadn't even touched the front left and it was working before I changed the rears but now doesn't work at all. It's a Sony xplod head unit (Sony MEX BT3700U) with Alpine speakers front and rear. No amp or sub. I'm thinking the head unit may have been damaged or gone into some sort of safe mode or something...fade to left or rear gives no sound at all, but front right speaker is working fine and sounds great. No dodgy connections to other speakers so can only assume head unit is at fault...? I've tried resetting the unit but it hasn't helped. Any advice anybody can offer greatly appreciated. Kev
  12. Looks like a good starting point mate! Thinking of doing the TT wiper conversion myself this year. What parts are needed exactly, and what was the total cost? Btw if you decide on a full respray eventually I can highly recommend Urmston Car Body Repairs. They did mine last year to a phenomenal standard and the price was right :)
  13. Welcome buddy :D Don't worry about the bits of trim etc. That can be sorted in due time. Just get plenty of pics up!
  14. Hi Zak, anymore of these available?
  15. Sorry mate they're not available. I've had them made specially as a one-off. Closest I can think of are from DDI, made from aluminium...they have a small logo etched in
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