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  1. As per a request the following are photos of the driver's seat and the two areas of rust mentioned:
  2. Please note I have reduced the price to £1,850. I am unable to update the thread title.
  3. Yeah, not many cars get above 300K, especially petrol cars. And I've had to do very little to the engine over the years. I would be interested if anyone else has got their Corrado above 300K.
  4. *** THIS CAR IS NOW SOLD *** The sad day has finally come to sell my beloved Corrado. I’ve owned it since new and it has been my only car, hence the mileage of 316K miles. It was main dealer serviced until 170K miles (Dec 2005) and since then has been serviced every 10,000 miles in a local garage. Receipts for all work carried out are included. It has an MOT until May 2017 with no advisory items. The car starts and runs well and is in great condition for its age. Apart from some minor rust around the nearside rear wheel arch and around the rear “Corrado” badge, the bodywork is in very good condition. A small scuff mark on the offside of the rear bumper exists along with some scratches on the rear spoiler. The splitter below the front bumper is also cracked. The interior is in good condition with the delivery option electric Recaro Sport Seats (cloth) still fully functioning. The upholstery is excellent with no holes or stains and both the warning triangle and first aid box are unused. No smoking has been allowed in the car. The car is original, except for the front wipers (Audi-TT upgrade), the radio, a Clifford alarm and a CAT 2 immobiliser. The upgrade to the headlight loom has also been done. A new radiator and coil pack have recently been fitted. High octane fuel has been used throughout its life in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Negatives: • Offside front wheel bearing is noisy. • Rocker cover gasket leaks. • Sunroof doesn’t work – cable snapped. (However doesn’t leak.) • Electric mirrors don’t work – motor’s seized. • Rear spoiler doesn’t work. • Rear wiper doesn’t work. • Air blower direction control very stiff – set to windscreen. • Radio/CD player doesn’t work. • Fuse box cover missing. • Hand brake rod plastic cover is cracked. • Rear VW badge is missing. An additional set of 4 original 15” Speedline alloys are also included. However, the personalised registration is not.
  5. Someone somewhere posted the following link that may be of some help:- http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Category:Fault_Codes
  6. I've just got a pair of blades for £26.95, see :- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUDI-TT-WIPER-BLADES-PAIR-8N2955425E-NEW-GENUINE-AUDI-PART-/130675862461?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1e6ce36bbd I've been quoted £54.44 for each arm from an Audi dealer. Does anyone know where I could perhaps get them cheaper ? Also how do people wangle a discount at the dealers ?
  7. Thanks daves16v, another happy customer. Kit received on Tuesday and garage rang today to say they have successfully repaired the door handle. Smiles all round. This is definitely a good site for anything Corrado related.
  8. I have a 1993 VR6 Corrado and need a driver's side exterior door handle. The old one was drilled off and hence I need more than just the fix supplied by daves16v.
  9. Thanks for all your replies. I got the car back from the garage last Friday after they had changed a relay. They seemed reasonably confident they had fixed it, but without testing it over a few days/weeks they couldn't be sure. Since then I have driven it 4 times and each time it has been OK. Hence, fingers crossed, I'm hoping things are now OK. In fact it does seem smoother, although that may just be me thinking it is smoother. With regards the fix, I'm not sure what relay they changed. When I get the bill I will post the part number. With regards the error codes generated by the ECU, the garage didn't seem to think any of them were relevant. I'll let you know what has been changed when I get the bill. Dave
  10. I have a problem with my 1993 VR6 Corrado. After driving it for 12-14 minutes from cold, the engine loses power and stops. Trying to restart it fails (the engine turns over but doesn't fire up) until about 5 minutes later when it restarts and I can continue my journey. Occasionally it fails again within 200 yards, but normally it continues OK. If it does fail again within 200 yards then it normally restarts fairly quickly. I've taken it into a garage for investigation but they are currently stumped. Trying to find an intermitent fault when you only have a short window to investigate it is causing a bit of a headache. They seem to think the ignition is not the problem since having connected a small LED to the ignition, when the engine fails the LED still flashes. They have also replaced the sensor that detects the piston positions to control the igniton timing but that also hasn't had any effect. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks Dave
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