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  1. For sale, two Audi TT caliper brackets for 312mm brake conversion, and two used but very good condition 312 brake discs. Offers around £80.
  2. Set of five 16’’ BBSsplit rims 5x100 for VR6. Two were brand new and have done no miles, the other three have been split and most bolts replaced. All are in good condition but could perhaps do with a respray/powder coat to be mint. Photos available if any interest. £250ovno.
  3. Get the thread started, would imagine most people on here would be interested 😀
  4. The only problem with the silver bolt (if it’s the same dimensions) is that the point is to help locating the bolt in the body - the silver one would be slightly more difficult.
  5. Possibly thinking of selling my VR6 - 1996 in Aqua blue with full black leather, 101,000 miles and no rust whatsoever. Had lots of work done over the last 9 years that I’ve owned it, never seen rain in that time. Not had clutch or chains done, but runs brilliantly. It’s got B12 suspension, new bushes, rear axle bushes, 312 front and mk4 golf rear brakes, 16’ BBS wheels with brand new tyres, a spare set of vgc Speedlines with virtually new 205 50m15 tyres, Jetex stainless steel exhaust, Jetex sports cat, underside has been under sealed, new brake pipes, original stereo, sunroof works on tilt and slide, spoiler works, TT front and rear wipers, stainless tank straps, leather is immaculate etc. etc. It’s only done around 3000 miles since I’ve owned it and only in the summer. A respray would finish it off, but couldn’t justify the expense given the amount of time it’s been on the road 😀 Needs to be driven more, so may sell it if anyone is interested. Tim.
  6. I’ve had an email from Toby to say my £15 has been refunded, so I have re subscribed on the forum today - I’ve had confirmation that payment has gone through, but it refers to Car Ventures for payment - is this right?
  7. Hi, Still no response from anyone re my issue, so while I’m still waiting and unable to post, is anybody interested in a set of four VGC Speedlines with virtually new 205 50 15 tyres? 😀 Tim.
  8. Magic - thanks a lot 😀
  9. Still had no reply a week after a ticket has been raised - anyone know a better way to get some sort of contact to resolve this? 😀
  10. Great, thanks for that 😀
  11. Hi to anyone who might help - I’ve had another payment taken from my bank (which I’ve now cancelled for next year) This payment has gone to Car Ventures for £15 and is for my subscription. If this is the case can anyone let me know how to enable me to post on the site as I used to be able to? I’m sure it’s me doing something wrong but would like some advice and help please. Thanks, Tim.
  12. Tjninny

    312mm brakes

    Spot on as usual - it’s been that long I’d forgotten I’ve already got the 288mm conversion on so have the correct hoses. I’ve also got the spacers, just need to get on and put the 312mm discs on.
  13. Tjninny

    312mm brakes

    I’ve got the brake discs and calliper carriers for the 312mm conversion but not done it yet - I thought the fronts stayed the same, just spaced out more and it’s just the rear lines to change if using mk4 callipers?
  14. Aren’t there some clever people about? Don’t think I’d have ever sussed that out - it’s all back to normal !!!
  15. When I log on now I can’t see any unread posts unless I go into each section - is this the same for everybody as it’s certainly a lot slower now than it was before.
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