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  1. Hi, can i have a contact number, i would like to come and view the car this weekend.
  2. can you and me to the list. Thanks
  3. Hi, If you do decide to split can i get first dibs on the audioscape sub please.
  4. Hi there, I need to move my brake reservoir to make room for my turbo air intake. Can any of you tell me what fitting is used to push into the master cylinder and where to buy it from?
  5. Hi, if you still have the Slam panel, I will take it. Can you pm your number over. Thanks
  6. How much is postage to London.
  7. Hi, Is that £600 posted to London?
  8. Hi mate i will take the Sp turbo inlet manifold, black with intake elbow and fuel rail. £600
  9. i'll have the two lower door seals with clips and tape.can you pm details,thanks
  10. I'm also looking for fan bracket if any are going
  11. Hi Dave if you still have the bracket, i will take them.
  12. Rear red storm Badge for me please.
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