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  1. Cheers baron, I'll give it a go!
  2. Dude, why don't I check this forum more often! Damn, would have loved these.
  3. Desperately searching for a set of these... http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?76127-Genuine-ETA-Beta-3-Piece-Split-Rims-17x8-quot-5x130-ET49-Goodyear-205-40-17 If anyone has any leads would be greatly appreciated, cheers.
  4. Any takers on this one? My exhaust is leaking and want a replacement system, but starting with a nice manifold.
  5. Ah all good. Thanks again!
  6. Hello all, reopening this one, a long while has passed and still wanting an option for a top quality manifold.
  7. Hey Sean, any update on these? Cheers
  8. If he doesn't want them, I'll go second in line. Cheers.
  9. How's this beast coming along?
  10. Only possibility in my mind is that the top mount itself has worn 1mm more than the passenger side. How old are the top mounts? They wear quicker with any upgrade of suspension.
  11. I had a missing grommet from my fire wall, passenger side. Caused the same area to be wet.
  12. Love this thing! Fantastic work! Best part is the attention to detail and the second best part is that it might have otherwise been a scrapped car. I can only hope to come close to this level of detail. Anything special being done to the gearbox? If it's off getting a rebuild would you consider an LSD to make the driving experience a tiny bit more special?
  13. Hello All, Bit of a follow on from my fuel leak issue. I've heard before that the VW fuel hose clamps are very good, but are they the best quality for this purpose? If anyone can recommend a better brand? Cheers.
  14. Cheers Guys! All of you! Either way am confident it'll be fine now ;)
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