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  1. Hi I have some bits left over that I was planning to use in the future, but I doubt that will happen so some bits I will give for free others I am open to offers. 1. Black parcel shelf uncut decent condition. Advertised on facebook 2. BBS G60 wheel 3. 6 BBS centre caps 4. Corrado early front bumper in LA9v black 5. A pair of windows glass ( free to collector) 6. A window regulator ( will test if it works, free to collector) 7. Centre console surround in black 8. Pair of Bridgestone f1 tyres 16 inch 215/45/16 markings were they rubbed on arch but still have good tread. 9. Set of Borbet A wheels were mirror polished by Dav of Pureklass and painted black in centre but never fitted and have corroded over time so will need a refurb Will post more items as I find them
  2. Majik

    G60 supercharger

    Are you still looking?
  3. Majik

    Sunroof part

    Hi mate I just threw away a complete sunroof in the skip as it was in my basement which flooded (was not lying flat so not completely submerged)If you are local to London I can take it out and you can have it.
  4. Was this the red one in one of the side streets off park lane, i've seen one there for years! My friends brother owns an RZ fabulous looking car (in black) but rare as hell.
  5. Seems like no ones revived this thread! Good race yesturday, gutted for webber i would like to see him win the WDC this year. What were Mclaren doing, they easily get 12 laps from option tyres, they brought in Hamilton on lap 24 and then bought him in lap 34 straight after Vettel, if they kept him out another 2-3 laps he couldve done the undercut i reckon.
  6. just an update he rang Mazda UK and told them the situation, they got on to the dealer already to resolve the problem!
  7. My cousin bought a Mazda Rx8 last year in a private sale the previous owner had it from new and had only ever taken it to Mazda main dealers in Surrey. So a few weeks of ownership the battery went flat and it was purchased from mazda 1.5 years ago, so he decides to give the battery to Mazda whilst fitting new suspension parts and other stuff in his garage, that was back in October 2010 the dealership took the battery in and said it would need to be tested and replaced and if he bought a new battery from them they would refund the money once they confirmed the battery was faulty he didnt take them up on their offer so he totally had no battery. A few weeks went by and he enquired and they said they still haven't got the equipment to check battery then again same thing in December and no news since so i've told him to make a complaint to Mazda Head Office and see what they can do about the situation or forget it and buy another battery from Halfords, apparently Rx8 go through quite a few batteries and starters.
  8. No its not what LPG system are running? Do you know if your emulator is set up properly? Whats the condition of your PCV? Any ignition problems that could exist will be more apparent when running on Gas,
  9. Apparently these traffic camera can also take photos of people on mobile phones, i've been told.
  10. The garage who quoted 4.5 hours are probably going by Autodata times which can overquote on some jobs, are they VW specialists?
  11. Slightyl off topic but does anyone spray kitchen cleaner on their dustbin bags to stop foxes rummaging through them?
  12. Get a remote control auxilary device which powers something for a few seconds then T piece your washer hose and place another washer jet on the bonnet facing the other way and connect to the washer pump when the cat is on the bonnet power it up and BHAMMM you got one wet pussy!
  13. That was a nice spec on the BM i haven't come across many with that spec. What did it sell for if you dont mind me asking?
  14. Sorry, i think i'd rather have kept the Beemer :sad:
  15. Years ago i had a Sorrento Green Gti with power steering full leather and black carpet instead of red, truly fantastic car but at the time i was working my way up to a Corrado via a couple of Rover Coupes 216 and 220T. Loved the nimbleness of the 205 Gti could chuck around and it would take it, i suppose for todays fuel prices it would be fairly uneconomical as a daily.
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