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  1. I have the same problem and have read it is a fuse above the fuse box, im looking this weekend
  2. And for some reason the beginning of my thread is missing pics now, i think its because they were from the old site? So i am going to add them again as they all on photobucket.
  3. Hey mate, i got him to wrap it again yes, few months ago. I asked him about the story but he just laughed and knew i had spoke to you haha. Off with the old vinyl And we went again, this time i chose this toy car looking green colour And finished toy corrado I have lots going on with it at the moment for once, finally spending some time and money on her!!
  4. Yeah man, you know him then?
  5. Hey Stryker, how are you buddy? I sold it to a close friend few years ago. He hasn't been in it much, it should be on the road again this year though. He brought a set of wheels for it over the winter, I will get a picture of it when its about! These are the wheels he has; [ATTACH=CONFIG]86321[/ATTACH] I insured the VRT today. I wanted to get it painted but i have just ordered more vinyl so its getting wrapped again in couple weeks. New colour haha. Lots of bits getting done over the next few weeks, as I am going to be using it daily again! So another returning member :)
  6. Sounds good! Cant beat the Corrados look and driving position :)
  7. haha, it wasn't by choice. I now have 2 kids, had to save deposit for a mortgage with running 2 other cars. Unfortunately it took a back seat. I have been quite lucky i managed to keep it throughout this time. But i wont ever sell this car, that's the only thing that keeps you contempt and sane while it sits there. So many years of motoring to come in it! Good to see you still around matey, I to would like to see the difference as I have never been in a 24V beast
  8. Wow yeah, time absolutely flies. I feel embarrassed looking back in my thread at the age of stuff, and how long the gaps have been with it off the road. Something will always bring us back to the corrados, only i keep mine rather than selling them in my time off periods haha. I have the corrado bug big now, now i have the funds to get it painted and do everything i have wanted to do for so long. Its like a new car, i was sitting in it weekend like a kid who got his first car :lol:
  9. wow thanks guys, great to see the oldies still about haha :) Thanks Dogma, it did look nice when it was done. It hasnt worn very well, and i cant wait to get it off to be honest Yeah Mic, we never did catch up!! I am still Bedford way yeah, will have to join some meets this year again, if there is any on around us let me know. How is it going mr Coullstar, last time i was active on here you had just sold your VRT! What a beast, i see you have a Storm now. Missing the VRT? I some times miss a standard VR6 believe it or not, turbos turn them into completely different animals huh. I have all new discs and pads, 323mm discs are bloody expensive! Other than paint, my boost pipework has bit of rust and the bay is looking a bit ****ty, so lots of bolts, filters, fixings, powder coating going to happen to freshen it up. Nothing major i am hoping, it still is on 73k or something, only done maybe 1k since having all new chains done, barely used it hehe
  10. I am back on the scene! Nice to see so many people active on this forum still, really surprised, at the same time what a great forum to be on, so I am not surprised :lol: The rado has been parked in the garage for 2 years. Got my first mortgage, nice garage and double driveway now. It still has the vinyl wrap on, all though its not great now and I'm getting it full resprayed in April. Needs some tlc before mot and being on road to. Really excited, I'm going to run it daily over summer and maybe beyond as I don't do many miles. Anyway, good to be back. I can see my wallet getting hurt being back on here though haha
  11. Afternoon peeps. Been a lifetime since I been on here, still have my corrado tucked up in my new garage though, so wont be long before I am actively posting again :) I had to share this as my mate posted me this link, I remember looking for a set years ago and had to get some comp Mo's made at the factory (in a group buy off here some may remember), which were the closest OEM wheel i could get that fit over the brakes. I thought these wheels only came in 17x7, does anyone know if they ever came in 17x8 like this ebay advert? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/17-034-Speedline-Alloys-5x100-Stretched-Rare-compomotive-BBS-VW-Skoda-Audi-Subaru-/291442683540?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%257CR40%26_sacat%3D0%26_nkw%3D291442683540%26_rdc%3D1&nma=true&si=x6gj8a7%252FdMC%252FjneQQjP8FFTGmlM%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 The guy claims they 8J, centre bore of 60.1mm, cost a £1000 and no longer made. Anyone know if these were actually made available?
  12. thanks for the reply, much appreciated
  13. the new look has got me on here more i know that much, very nice :) i still hadnt adjusted from the original format if i am honest, but getting the hang of it now :lol:
  14. Hi guys So i have found my clutch on the floor recently, pulled it back up and it has been fine. But i was thinking of replacing the master/slave cylinders etc anyway. Bit of a look online and i see lots of talk of the master cylinders being obsolete, is it just the early models? VW came back with a price of Master cylinder is £167.72 incl of Vat Slave cylinder is £171.08 incl of Vat Regarding brake fluid you would only need about 2 litres which is £8.77 a litre Seems a bit expensive as i can get this slave? http://www.vwspares.co.uk/corrado_clutch.php for £46.50 Is there anywhere someone can recommend i buy these parts? And should i get the brake fluid from VW? Thanks
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