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  1. Looks solid dude...... happy motoring. I hope she treats you well. Just be aware, these are money pits lol.
  2. Hello buddy, thanks for the comment. I have tried to do this and failed miserably. Fidley is NOT the word for this job, more like BALL ACHE. That being said, its still not done. More so, i have not seen my car for nearly four week. Some stupid lady reversed in to the front, on a PETROL STATION FORECOURT!!!!! Its now sat in Hayes at the body shop awaiting parts, THREE WEEKS after collection!!!! On the plus side, i bought a new lump for this bad boy, gone down the 2.0 ABF route. This is due to be dropped in shortley, however that is i can have my car back sometime soon!!!
  3. Well basically it turned out to be the Alternator, along with the ignition switch. Changed the regulator on the Alternator lastnight which done the trick but its only a temp solution while i get a new Alternator. Ignition switch is getting done tonight..... just went to TPS for the new part, must be a common issue as its stocked and not an "order in" part so to say.
  4. And after all the praise, its breaks down!!!
  5. Here is how it looks, after being driven down a motor for three hours lol...... ---------- Post added at 12:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:20 PM ---------- Thanks for the compliment dude. I didnt sort the problem out as its still smoking a little, lol.... its defo the head and steam seals that need changing. I will rebuild the same head soon, engine is fine as it took me to Leeds and back covering a good 500 miles with no problems. That confirms the engine is still good. Had a few problems, air/fuel mixture was pants, coolant was leaking all over the show, oil pressure swtich decide to break and was ****ing oil out as soon as it warmed up but them being fixed its running nice. Started to run it on V-Power as well, good god its damn good.
  6. UPDATE: 500 MILE ROAD TRIP. Ok so i been sorting my engine out and i think its running ok for now, far better than what it was when i first got it. Decided to hit the road and drove from London to Leeds Friday night. What can i say, it was a total pleasure driving this thing up the motor way, sailed along, and the amount of people who look at the car was something to be amazed by. £60 V-Power went in Friday, did a good 300 miles on that tank so personally i dont think i can complain.
  7. Will the 2.0 16V clocks fit my 1.8 16V 1990?
  8. Bro, keep this for me and ill take it next weekend.
  9. haha Abdul, your right i doo need more power in to the sub so i can wake up the neighbours, lol.........
  10. Can i just add to this, JL Audio subs are very good quality subs. The sound quality is impressive and controlled. Im running a 12 w3 in a sealed box and the sound is very smooth and nice, more in car sound than they "waking up ya nabiours" crap you get in Chav rides, lol..
  11. Its mine if you still have it come pay day :)
  12. How did you do that? Tell me as i have to do mine as its too bloody cold lol. ---------- Post added at 04:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:53 PM ---------- Hi Mate, how did you do this without taking the whole dash out, gotta do mine asap as i need heating haha.
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