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  1. Are you sure it's the sensor and not the copper ring between the oilpressure sensor and the oil filter housing that's the problem?
  2. Same here, ebay calipers and some more new stuff :-) [ATTACH=CONFIG]70073[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]70075[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]70074[/ATTACH]
  3. The 312 brakes fit if you make a metal plate to align the mounting bracket. And you need longer blots to fit them together with other brake lines because the connetion is different (banjo bolt) from the Corrado brake caliper.
  4. Time for an update! I've been still working on the Corrado. Some small things some bigger things. Here are some photo's: After some searching the net I found a nice Golf mk2 rain tray, after some cleaning and adjusting it fits nice! I allso finished the rear axle project: - Golf mk4 rear brake calipers - Camber plates - Powerflex bushings - Goodridge stainless steel briaded brakelines - Complete new brakelines - New stub axles - H&R sway bar 28mm - New brake force distrubutor - New wheel bearings - New ABS sensors - and some more stuff Removed the fuel tank and cleaned it: (Yes the clips are installed now! ) Finally installed the oil presure sensor: I bought a Wiechers strutt bar, but it wouldn't fit because of the R32 sumb, so I cut the bracket off and installed it 180 degrees the other way around Then the front brakes... 312mm 2 piece disks with aluminium rotor. I bought the set second hand. The guy used it for his drag Corrado (2.0 16vt) but hey bought a Audi quattro for some more traction (he transplanted the 2.0 16vt to his audi!). The Corrado stood outside for about 1 year so I had some dressing up to do: And installed together with the RH ZW1 wheels I pulled appart and polished and pianted it: And I installed a VERY nice upper rear stressbar from Bahn Brenner Motorsport,i it's made out of aircraft grade aluminium And last but not least... Our son Joris is born on 31th of may!!! As you can see the Corrado blood is allready running through his vains! (the cutunder his left eye comes from the C-section, it's allready healing good but will leave a scar) That's it for now, I'm still working on some things but off cause our son come first!
  5. I've got a complete wireing diagram from the MK5. I got it out is ELSA (VW software). I allso made a diagram from the ECU connectors, but they are allso found in software like Autodata http://www.autodata.com.au/
  6. Hi,


    I was looking through your' R32 build and I was wondering if you could help me to get this oil line:



    I'm allso have a R32 Corrado :-) and I was looking for a nice solution to mount the oil pressure sender.

    I watched your solution and I think it's a nice one.

    Could you help me to get that part?

    (I'm living in the Netherland)


    My build: http://www.the-corrado.net/showthread.php?59657-Ritchie-s-Corrado-R32




  7. I wouldn't advise is eather; bad smell.
  8. I'm allso using Castrol Edge, I used to run Castrol RS in the 2.9 but that has been replaced with the Edge.
  9. Just swap them for a more reliable signal :-)
  10. Compliments about the exhaust!! Post a video of the sound if your finished please! The sound will change over time, it will get (even) better. Somthing else: I got a question; are you still using the oiltemp - oilpressure sensor setup as on this picture? [ATTACH=CONFIG]50395[/ATTACH] To get a better oil temperature reading you could switch the pressure sensor and the temp sensor. Now the sensor sits on the end of a nice cooling blok (T-piece) and gives you a wrong temperature reading. It could be more then you think. I know the R32 doesnt have a temp sensor on the filter housing (only in the sump for service interval calculation), but you'll get the best temp reading where the pressure sensor sits right now.
  11. I bought a mk4 R32 exhaust for the flap. I allso used the vacuum reservoir with magnetic valve from the mk4 R32. But I think the mk5 uses the same valve and vacuum steering.
  12. @24V Renshaw: Compliments for the (ex?) Corrado!! I recognize it from PVW! Nice to see you on the forum here I'm a big fan of PVW! Thanks again for the compliments! For the rev counter I used a converter witch converts the frequenty created by the coilpacks to a signal that the VR6 normaly gets. Works perfectly! The exhaust was welded by a friend of mine. With the engine I bought came allso the exhaust from the Golf mk5 (except the end muffler). We used the front to create the downpipes: [ATTACH=CONFIG]50388[/ATTACH] After that came a flex piece and the 200 cels high flow cat, after the cat came a long muffler: [ATTACH=CONFIG]50392[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]50390[/ATTACH] Then the end muffler with the flap. When the flap is closed the exhaust flow goes through the muffled piece, with the flap open through the not muffled piece. The flap is controlled with vacuum by the ECU, and/or in my case manually [ATTACH=CONFIG]50391[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]50393[/ATTACH] Don't mind the rusted rear suspension, a complete "new" one is ready to be installed, with H&R 25mm anti-rollbar, Powerflex rubbers, camber plates and all other stuff NEW [ATTACH=CONFIG]50394[/ATTACH]
  13. And who's gonna pay for that shiny new custom dry sump??? :bonk:
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